Tips for a clean and well-maintained Beard

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Is your beard clean or is it pulling germs and bacteria? And do you know men’s beards contain the same germs as those found in bathrooms[1]? In this article, you can read more to know if it’s a truth or a myth

From a splash of hair to a stiffed jungle of hair, facial hair has become the must-have fashion accessory for men nowadays. According to a recent study [2], the beard may contain significant bacteria which could potentially develop into new antibodies. This is why it needs to be trimmed regularly to prevent germs from spreading.

Does Beard Have Germs?

A study in which several men’s beards were analyzed showed that a long beard is commonly enclosed with “enteric bacteria,” which is a part of the human fecal matter. Don’t be alarmed! There are contradictory studies that negate the results of the one mentioned above.

How Clean Is Your Beard ?3

Research also shows that a clean-shaved man’s chin is more prone and exposed to enteric bacterium than a bearded man’s chin. These microorganisms can also be found on our tables, chairs, and kitchen top or any other surface we touch every day. They usually bid no harm to us. In reality, a billion of pathogens live in and out of our bodies without risking our health and the enteric bacterium is just one of them.

Is It Worth Shaving the Beard?

No proven evidence insists on shaving the beards due to spreading of germs. The more important part is to maintain a good hygienic ring around your beards so as to get rid of any kind of bacterial dispersion. So, as long as you regularly clean your facial hair, you’re probably not at a greater risk of developing an illness than individuals without beards.

How Clean Is Your Beard ?2

Are These Microorganisms Beneficial for Our Health?

Different species of bacteria are present in our body that carry out certain essential tasks. Likewise, numerous pathogens live in our body and are beneficial to our health. In fact, in some cases, bacteria are required for good health.

Take Care of Your Beard with These Steps

Follow these simple points for a good bacteria-free beard:

  • Wash your facial hair with shampoo and conditioner just as you wash your hair.
  • Get a nice trimmer. Trimming and cutting out split ends can manage your beard growth.
  • Adjust the way you eat so that the food escapes your facial hair.

How Clean Is Your Beard?1

Beards have become a fashion distinction these days. Get on it; there is no proven harm in growing facial hair. However, just like the hair on your head, your facial hair also need significant care in terms of health. Trim & rinse your beard daily to eliminate germs. You can use beard oil or moisturizer for a nice soft look. Groom, your beard to keep it healthy and germ-free.






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