These Women Are Inspiring Us To Travel The World


If you love travelling, you probably understand how important it is to lead an adventurous and fulfilling life. For all travel buffs, wanderlust is a legitimate feeling that cannot be ignored for too long. Instagram has lately been giving us major fomo and travel goals as we scroll through the feeds of travellers from around the world

We love the fact more and more women are pursuing their love for travelling and some of them have even made full-time careers out of travel blogging. Currently, we are obsessed with these ladies and their escapades around the world.

1. Anoushey Ashraf

travelQuirky and ever so chirpy Anoushey Ashraf is always out and about. The best thing about following her regularly is discovery of a new place every day. You will find her exploring undiscovered places in Karachi or somewhere in the states, inspiring us to take the next flight out to that place we’ve been dreaming to go.

2. Anam Hakeem (Girl With Green Passport)

After she quit her corporate job, Anam pursued travel blogging and started sharing her travelling experiences with her followers. She has so far travelled to 24 countries and given us serious travel envy. She is Karachi based and often times exploring the undiscovered parts of the city.

3. The Desi Wonder Woman aka Shehzeen Rehman

Probably one of the first few bloggers from Pakistan who made it big in the blogging industry. Currently based in Sydney, Australia, Shehzeen is always setting travel goals for all the women in Pakistan.

4. Eva zu Beck

Polish vlogger and a travel enthusiast, Eva is smitten by the culture of Pakistan and everything that it has to offer. She has made us look at Pakistan with a different perspective and has given us the inspiration to explore our own country.

5. Amtul Baweja from Patangeer

Amtul is among the handful of Pakistani women who have fully embraced their love for travelling. From her coverage of the FIFA World cup to her trip to the northern areas, she makes us want to hop on the next flight to our dream destination.



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