Trends in 2018 That We Don’t Want To See In 2019! Period!

Simply said, these trends need to go!!


2018 brought with it a myriad of new trends – some were cool while some became downright boring over the period of time and according to us should die before the new year starts. We round up a list of trends that are done to death and should not come back any time soon.

     1. Long A*# Weddings:

2018 was the year of matrimonial bliss that lasted a little too long. DeepVeer, NickYanka and Ambani weddings are just some of the examples. While this trend is nothing new and may vary from person to person (hello capitalism!), we’d like it to go now.

Simple weddings should come back with minimalistic approach – not only because we’d like it to be that way but because it would lessen the social pressure of having a grand wedding to come across as a normal person in the society.

     2. Matte lips

For the sake of novelty, this one needs to go as well. Matte lips started trending in 2017 and since then have dominated the makeup arena. We’re not implying glossy lips should come back either but rather your normal hydrating lipsticks in plum and other statement colors.

3.       Princess-y Long trail dresses

Hey hey! No offense but the whole princess look with long trail dresses needs to go! We’re hoping 2019 will bring structured silhouettes and tapered cuts.

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4.   Slick back hair buns 

Many believe it to be a classic hairstyle that can never go out of style but hey, it’s about time we give other fun and edgy hairstyles a try. Prime examples of this overdone style are Deepika Padukone who went for it on almost all her wedding events and Aimen Muneeb on her wedding – total case of catastrophic hair.

5.       Athleisure

It’s hip and cool but way overdone, so much so we’re bored the minute we see an athleisure look now! It started in 2017 and is still very much trending but now is the time to shut your closet doors to it.

6.       Lobs

Another hairstyle we’ve grown sick of! It’s trendy and all but needs to be reinvented and rather people should go for actual pixie cuts or actual bobs.


7.       Dollar hike

One trend we’re all praying hard for to go away and never come back for years to come. Since the Khan era started, Dollar is kissing the sky and ruling it. We’re so not happy and would like this trend to never even exist in the first place.

8.       Furry Footwear

The only place fur looks good is on furry animals, and we’d like it to stay there for now! We don’t even want synthetic fur in sight, we’re that bored of it. Needless to say, those fluffy furry slides need to go.

9.   Shellac Nails

Matte lip is one thing but gel/shellac nails are also boring us to death now. We’re hoping the new year will bring classic French manicures and basic polish back in trend.

10. Late or Cancelled TV Shows

      We’re sick of waiting for the new season of our fave show or waiting endlessly only to find out they’ve been cancelled. Happened to us when recently Daredevil was cancelled and then of course the never ending wait for Game of Thrones new and final season. We don’t like the wait and abrupt axing of shows!

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