Throw A ‘Family-Style’ New Year’s Eve Party Tonight

You can't Netflix and chill on NYE


It’s the 31st, plans are falling through or you’ve realized all you’ve planned for New Year’s Eve is watching Christmas movies on Netflix. You suddenly want to get your sh** together and have a little get together, what to do? How to plan? Is this even possible?

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Chill. We’ve got you covered. First things first:


Pick a venue

You can keep it small; your garden, living room plus balcony, roof are all great options. It’s best to keep New Year parties outdoors so you can borrow the fireworks display from better prepared party hosts.

Invite people!

It is very likely that most of your friends/family are all set to celebrate the New Year with plans of their own. But if you know that there is a chance there are other potential Netflixers in your circle, give them a call now and let them know about the party.

Sort out the seating

You need chairs! It’s likely you don’t have enough seating for the number of people you’re hosting. If you need to rent those, head out right away and ask vendors/caterers- a bulk of them can be found at delhi colony. If they’re fully booked, now is the time to ask your neighbors for a small favor and borrow their garden chairs.

Sort out the entertainment

*important: delegate the responsibility of entertainment while you can move on to food

  • Music (playlist, speakers, any necessary wires)
  • Hand held sparklers (phul jaris)
  • Game tables: jenga corner, Pictionary, ludo; whatever suits your fancy and whatever you have available.
  • Ask a guest if they can bring their guitar for some inevitable off-key singing
  • If you have kids coming, then bring out some coloring pencils and sketchbooks for them to doodle on
  • Get confetti and party poppers for the countdown moment!

It is the single most important thing that needs to be sorted out but thankfully, also the easiest. Here are some staples for a casual New Year’s Eve party:

  • Plain bakery chips with store bought salsa
  • Pita with bakery bought hummus or dip (the cheese pâté at Pie in the Sky is excellent)
  • It’s best to decide on a no-fuss cuisine (unlike Chinese) that doesn’t require plating and too much clean up. Pizza is easy to manage and always a crowd pleaser. And a trending food item this year with so many great pizza places to choose from! Once again, please keep in mind- you do not have time to cook or manage something fancy. So it’s best to order in or cook one thing is a large quantity.

Other options:

  • Chicken Rolls
  • Chicken wraps– follow our easy video guide
  • Broast
  • Lasagna (if you can find a home-baker who is willing to take a last minute order)
  • Bun kababs
  • BBQ is quick to manage if you have a ready bbq pit- marinate the meat now!
  • Hot dogs
  • Potato salad/garden salad
  • To keep something to snack on: opt for chaat (chatkharay and mirchili are always good) or even pani puri (salman’s pani puri or even Nimco will work well)
  • Ice cream/ kheer for dessert. Sony sweets does an excellent matka kheer that you can pick up.
  • A celebratory cake is never out of place
  • Make arrangements for tea/coffee/green tea
  • Get soft drinks and juices- if you need to arrange other ‘juices’, then make your phone calls asap- it’s New Year’s Eve!
Make it easy on yourself
  • Keep the cooking to a minimum- order in to make it easier on yourself. To avoid the new year’s eve backlog- call the restaurant of your choice in advance and let them know what to time you want your food delivered
  • Use paper plates and cups to minimize washing up
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate
  • Keep garbage bags handy so there is a ‘clean as you go process’
  • Have fun! And remember, your guests will have fun if you have fun.


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