7 Fashionable Food Items

Want to look fashionable eating in your stilettos?

  • Food and fashion often don’t go hand in hand. We have all had our favorite outfit ruined because we were too busy eating our biryani (of course, aloo wali). But what if you could serve easy-to-make (and eat) hors d’oeuvres at the next party you plan to host?

These dishes will not only save you from all that cooking time but will also make your guests less stressed about looking pretty while eating in their new lawn ka jora.


For guests who are diet conscious this low-carb, option will keep them from cheating on their diet. All you have to do is get cucumber + feta cheese + olives. And you and your guests will be able to pout with ease for a group-fie.

Cracker Canape

This hors d’oeuvre takes no more than 5-minutes to make. Just get Peek Freans Butter Puff crackers, top them with Feta cheese and red bell peppers. The roundness of the cracker will let you have enough cheese on it to your heart’s content. And voila! In no time you will be ready to catwalk your way towards the guest. Ready to serve the cheesy goodness.

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One-bite Sandwiches

A hi-tea without sandwiches is like ‘why-tea?’ (pun intended). But instead of making a large batch of full-sized sandwiches, you can make a few which can be cut into smaller shapes and sizes. Not only will your guests appreciate the bite-sized sandwiches but will also save you from exceeding your carb intake for the day.

Brie Apple Crostini

Want to make your guests go nuts about your food? Serve them a dish with nuts in it! Get a Butter Puff cracker from your nearest store, top it with a slice of brie, thinly sliced apples and walnuts. Drizzle it with honey to add the finishing touch and serve with a smile. Or not. You do you, Queen.


We know there is no such thing as having had ‘enough sweet’. And this smore recipe on a cracker will add the much-needed sweetness to the lives of guests who are salty about everything.

All you have to do is get Peek Freans Butter Puff crackers, top it with melted chocolate and a marshmallow. The crispy cracker will provide the perfect base for both the ingredients. Bake it in the oven for 10-minutes, until the marshmallow looks roasted. Sprinkle crushed chocolate like a salt bae and serve.

Deviled Eggs

If you are hosting a brunch, including eggs to your menu would be a smart choice. And this recipe of deviled eggs will give you and your guests a break from the traditional ways eggs are served. All you need to do is: Boil eggs, remove the yolks and mash them with mayonnaise, milk, dried parsley flakes. Fill the eggs with the mixture and sprinkle with paprika, salt and garlic powder. Then strike a pose.

Basil Tomato Bruschetta

Have leftover bread that you don’t know what to do with? Preheat oven to 325° and bake it until it turns golden brown. Once done, top it with chopped tomatoes and layer it with mozzarella cheese. The bruschetta includes olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, onion, basil leaves, salt and pepper. This colorful combination is totally Insta worthy. Don’t forget to take a picture before you serve.


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