Seven Things You Should Do Before Ramazan

Not sure how to spend the last days before Ramazan? Here are a few things you could do to ease into it.


Ramazan is a month of gratitude and devotion, and to be able to do just that there are a lot of things that we end up giving up or do not have the energy to do.

So, with just few days left for Ramazan to begin, we could put in all that extra energy into doing things we won’t be able to for 30 days. Yes that’s a whole lot of days!

  1. Visit as Many Eid Exhibits as You Can

So, there are a couple of reasons why this should be as important to you as it is to us. Firstly, have you even felt this heat!? We can barely bring ourselves to go Eid and Ramazan shopping in this heat much less do it when we’re fasting. So, clear your schedules and try to hit as many exhibits (and there are virtually a hundred of them happening) as you can!

Secondly, this year the selection of Eid exhibitions has been astounding! And if you’re the ‘stand-out-in-a-crowd’ sort, then your best bet is to forego the standard pret wear available at your neighborhood mall and opt for a one-of-a-kind exhibition piece.

  1. Feast Like a King

Most of our days in Ramazan are often spent opening fast at our phuppo aur khalas house, kyunki dono ko khush rakhna hai.

And while they both find pleasure in feeding us their homemade oily pakoray, we miss our cheesy pizzas and spicy burgers.

So, the best way to spend the days leading up to Ramazan is to spend each day (yes you read that right) eating to your heart’s content. And it won’t even hurt your pocket. We promise!

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  1. Listen to Loud Music in Broad Daylight

Take a page from that van driver’s book – you know, the one who plays some major bhangra inducing tunes while you’re stuck in the worst traffic. Just a few days before you get some major *eyes* for doing this. Live your best life – listen, sing and dance to a bit of obnoxious music.

  1. Give yourself a spa day!

To many, Ramazan is a month of starting fresh and cleansing your system (and routines). There is absolutely no better way to start feeling fresh and prepared than giving yourself a spa day. And we’re not just talking a mani-pedi plus blow dry; go for that full body wax that you’re never going to get the energy to go for in Ramazan. Get your brows and mustache done, and if you really want to feel cleansed then go for a full body scrub.

Side note: this actually is a necessity because when you do finally get the energy to hit the salon after iftari, it’s not uncommon for them to be closed for tarawih. Gasp.

  1. Have Your Friends Over for Brunch

We aren’t our mothers’ daughters if we don’t truly love hosting people at our homes. And brunch seems like a perfect time, since you then have the whole day to unwind. Since we won’t be able to do that in Ramazan, call in your girls this weekend and give them a three-course meal experience on a budget.

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The festival is your oyster, our friend.

  1. Watch GoT and other related TV shows

Ain’t nobody watching Game of Thrones while they’re fasting. So get it out of your system by binge watching your favorite shows that may or may not be roza-friendly.

Or you could just help your mom make a gazillion samosas – we’re curious to know, where do your priorities lie?

  1. Sweat/swear it out

Two things we try to avoid in Ramazan: sweating and swearing. To maybe help calm your soul for the month to come, sweat it out and swear it out right now. Extend your work out by 10 minutes every day until you throw in the towel all together (most likely the first day of Ramazan, are we right?)

And if you’re like us, maybe you can just sit and utter all the swear words you’re going to miss the most.

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