5 Ways 2019 Ramazan is Better Than the 90s

Come on it’s not all bad in the millennia, we have come far friends.


Ramazan 2019 is about to end. While we are happy that we are going to have our routine back and get into the daily rut of our mundane lives (didn’t sell it well, now did we?), we are also sad to bid goodbye to all the festivities that come with the holy month.

Now don’t tell us, you are not going to miss roaming out in the wee hours of the night, along with the whole city, and miss those crispy pakoray and rolls. And just like most of our cities have seen much hustle and bustle ever since the security situation in the country has become better, there are a few other things that have become better with age.

Here are five things that make Ramazan 2019 better than the 90s.

Ramazan Are in The Summer

We know, we know, it’s hot and humid, and the sun hasn’t been kind to us. But hear us out. The winter season in most parts of the country gets really cold. Cold enough to keep us house bound, making us miss all the dawats and good food (read: free food).

After all, isn’t Ramazan about eating and dining out?

And can we even drink thandi thandi lassi and mashroob-e-mashriq in the cold without getting a sore throat. So, while we have to fast for longer hours, we fast and feast at a much more ease than we would in the winter.

No More Street Cricket

Back in the days almost every street in the city hosted a cricket match after iftar up until sehri. While for many it was harmless fun, we kid you not it was a lot of inconvenience.

Roads were blocked, streets were noisy and don’t even get us started on how many window glasses were broken. So what if there are fewer recreational activities in the city for children, we want peace.

Now that the street cricket culture has almost died out with fewer localities hosting it, we can watch Jeeto Pakistan in peace.

And for cricket? Just watch the World Cup, why don’t you.

Sehri/Iftar Deals

If Pakistanis are not fasting, they are feasting. And owing to our very own Restaurant Spring along with the increase in purchasing power of our public, we have plenty of options to choose from to eat out. And that too at discounted rates.

We are spoilt for choice and we are not complaining. And all those carbs are just the cherry on the topping. We will just call it holiday weight.

Shop Till We Drop

Barring the first 10 days, malls are open till 3am. Giving us ample time to go for not just a stroll in the mall but also spend time picking out clothes from the many retail outlets that have sprung up over the years.

After all, who wants to do anything else than try on pretty clothes even if we can’t afford them.

Sharing Isn’t Caring

Gone are the days when we were friendly with our neighbors and shared food trays during iftar. Our busy lives and fear of one another have made us less enthusiastic about knowing who resides next door.

And our anti-social selves are happy. No more small talk and nosey neighbors. We can eat what we have made to our heart’s content.

This article is a work of satire.

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