Seven Tips To Avoid Constipation in Ramazan

All the delicious food that we feast on as soon as we break our fast during Ramazan can come with a price, especially for our stomachs.


The change in routine experienced in the month of Ramazan can cause disturbance in our bowel movement, giving way to constipation.

We should try and get rid of it immediately, otherwise we may risk suffering from constipation until the end of Ramazan and this may cause hemorrhoids.

But fret not! Here are seven tips you can incorporate this Ramazan that can help you avoid constipation.

  1. Get rich with fiber

Doesn’t matter how much you may love your white bread sandwiches, parathas or mac n cheese, you got to consider your stomach a part of your body, maite.

Avoid refined foods for a happy tummy and go for food that is rich in fiber instead, such as, fruits and vegetables.

  1. Bless yourself with injeer

Injeer Blessing

Want to fix constipation? Fix it with fig, widely known as injeer. The dry fruit is rich in fiber and helps relieve constipation.

And you no longer have to soak it in warm water or milk and keep it for 12 hours. Just get your hands on the Hiba Life’s 100% organic Injeer Blessing that also contains Sidr honey.

The product is also safe for diabetics and is easily available at Chase and Imtiaz in Karachi and Euro stores in Lahore.

All you have to do is consume a tablespoon of the paste in sehri and one at iftar. And constipation? Who that?

  1. Moderation is key

Of course, we find it hard to control ourselves when we are sitting at the iftar table to gobble everything we get our hands on. But that has to change, if you want your stomach to be at ease.

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Avoid sudden changes in the type and quantity of food intake. If you normally eat a single burger on normal days then DON’T go for another one in Ramazan, all because you were fasting. That’s no excuse.

  1. Divide and ‘drool’

If you have a lot on your iftar table and want to consume all of it, then divide your meal into small frequent portions. While at it, also chew your food slowly and steadily. Remember it’s not a race.

  1. Say no to soda

Soft drinks or soda may enhance the flavor in our mashroob-e-mashriq but they cause acidity. Hence, listen to Ammi and stick to natural fresh juices lest you sit on the pot for hours.

  1. Don’t spice it up

We know, we know, that our desi hearts cannot stay away from all that spice and everything nice. But spice makes our stomach’s grumpy.

So, avoid eating those mirchi ke pakoray and adding extra chaat masala to our fruit chaats.

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Also, did we mention, no fried food? Yes, you read that right. Fried food, and so much of it, is one of the reasons for a constipated stomach during Ramazan.

However, if you can’t completely do away with all fried food items, then have them in fewer quantity, maybe stick to one samosa a day.

7. Walk to stay fit

Most of us become lazy after iftar and prefer sitting in our comfortable sofas and watching TV – often those Ramazan game shows. But if we want to prevent constipation, we should indulge in some light exercises.

The easiest one is to go out for a walk after iftar and come back just in time for taraweeh. This will help with the digestion of your food and make you feel light.

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