Slideshow: Karachi Starts to Flourish


Karachi kicks off spring with their annual Flower Show, where horticulturalist and trainees, who have been preparing themselves throughout the other seasons, get a chance to exhibit their hard work and passion of plants and flowers.

This year, the Horticultural Society Pakistan (HSP) and Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) held this impressive event for the 64th time and called it the Pakistan Flower Show 2015. It was a four-day event and remained open for the general public till March 1. The event was inaugurated by HSP President Lt. General (Retd.) Jahanzaib Arbab, who was also the Chief Guest.

There were almost 100 stalls of floral displays, various beautiful nurseries, exhibition from many horticultural societies such as Pakistan Bonsai Society, Orchid Society as well my personal favorite, the Cactus Society. There were also several garden furniture and outdoor lighting stalls that built an aura for the audience for a food court. The flower show offered a beautiful and serene event for families out and about on the weekend. Various gardening lovers participated in the Show with their entries. The Show is a great platform to recognize the admirable efforts of those who nurture and care for their plants and flowers throughout the year. Of course, after viewing the intensity and beauty each exhibit had, it was clearly evident to see the passion behind the arrangements. Conversing with one of the participants there, she stated, “This is our chance to show how vibrant and beautiful Mother Nature can be if taken care of with love and patience, no matter what climate you live in.”

Families from around Karachi came to be enchanted by the innumerable diversity of colors and patterns of the showcasing of the flowers and plants. This lures both young and old as they are breath taken by the divine floral displays of all kind. However, the flower show is not only meant to awe the visitors by its beauty but, to promote growth and awareness of horticulture in the Pakistani society. The art of gardening is a stress reliever and health aide for adults and a great hobby to be encouraged for with kids. The flower show also inspires those who have come for ideas for their own picture perfect garden. The efforts by HSP for this flower show are truly commendable for arranging such a buoyant activity that also helps to promote a greener and environment friendly Karachi.

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