Simple Ways to Add Positivity to Your Life


Making a life that is worth living is the ultimate goal for everyone. A happy, healthy and live-in-the- moment life should be an ideal choice. Instead we run after the ideal picture of life where our goals are so clichéd, such as a handsome paying job, obedient kids, secure insurance plans etc. In the midst of this, we completely forget that the essence of life is not work, but inner satisfaction.

Here are some ways to add positivity to our lives:


Be honest, first to yourself and then with others.

As long as you are honest to yourself, you will carry your flaws and imperfections with confidence. Plus, you’ll be more open to understanding people rather than judging them. Learn to accept you did wrong, your partner might not always be right and so you too will not be.


Kill them with kindness

Regardless of your social status, age difference, caste, creed and whatever inequality that flows through our society, treat everyone with respect. It’s their right.  Also, it is the ultimate recipe for making people fall for you, no kidding!


You are what you eat!

Having said that, eating in controlled portions while adding more proteins and less carbs to your diet revitalizes your body and makes your face glow. Concentrate on taking leafy greens, lean proteins, and replace your saturated fats with unsaturated fats. However, a cheat meal with loaded carbs once in a while should be welcomed.


Nothing will work unless you do!

Every machine requires regular maintenance and repair to work efficiently. Same goes for the human being! We should make a routine of working out as much as we can, regularly. Even if that’s 10 push-ups per day, make it a habit.

If you’re having problem with work out, begin with 10 minutes of daily brisk walk or maybe 10 pushups/burpees right after your rise from your sleep, and wait for the magic to happen. You will notice your skin getting better, changes in your mental and physical health will add cherry on the top. Gradual time increase and adding new techniques to your exercise session will also help.


Evaluate yourself by identifying your problems and finding solutions

Start off with minor aspects that need repair, and think before making a move for anything big. Go through the pros and cons in detail before you make a decision. Slowly and gradually you will be able to eradicate unlikely habits that were formed over a course of time. The process will be time-consuming, but hold on tight it will work.

Organize Yourself

For an organized life, organize yourself!

Not a big deal, right? Just start the day by making your bed. Easy peasy! Once you come back home after your daily activities, a made up bed will further encourage you to do more.

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