3 simple ways to find more joy in life


What do they tell you to do with the lemons that life gives you? Yes, make lemonade. We all know this adage.

But how can you do so when you don’t have sugar and water? Making lemonade is a pretty tall order in that case, isn’t it? The point is, one can find joy in everyday of life, but only if they want to.


While this may sound very cliché, it is one of the most integral steps towards happiness and bliss in life. Self-pity only makes things worse for you, even when they’re as good as they can be. Greed in many is second nature, and it must be fought with gratitude if happiness is to be achieved.

As a matter of fact, bliss is not something that can be achieved or bought; it is a state of mind. A mind that counts its blessings and complains less is a state of mind that keeps one happy.

If your alarm clock went off at the right time, be grateful! You woke up just in time for your chores, even if you’d prefer a little more sleep. Be thankful for the breakfast you eat, even if you’d fancy eating something else. Drove yourself to your destination and that too right on time? This is another blessing to be grateful for no matter how modest the means of your transportation. It’s not even 9am and your jar of gratitude is already full for the day!


Life seems so much better when your health is intact and your body is in good shape. Why burden oneself by harmful diseases and conditions that can be easily prevented?

Sleep early so you are well-rested in the morning. Eat a healthy breakfast to fuel you for the day. Exercise and get the blood in your blood vessels racing and your heart pumping. Regular exercise is great for cardiovascular health and prevention of related conditions such as atherosclerosis.

Watch out your calorie intake throughout the day. A routine similar to this will help alleviate your mood and keep your spirits high, giving you energy and enthusiasm for a joyous day.

In case of an ailment that doesn’t let you make full use of your body, don’t let it become the reason for your immobility. Consult your doctor and make use of whatever body parts you can for a healthier and smarter body.


In life, often at times we may be so engrossed in our routines and our own problems; we forget that one of the main purposes of our existence is to help each other. For some of us are blessed with more than the rest, it is our responsibility to look after each other. Do not be burdened by this, for those who do something for others are the greater benefactors than those being helped.

Take out time every day to practice an act of selflessness. Even if your day is bad, and money is tight, know that a kind deed doesn’t cost money. It can be a smile at a passerby, a kiss on a toddler’s cheek, a word of advice to someone in need, a shoulder for someone in pain, a visit to the sick- all are acts that have the utmost potential to make one feel a lot better.

It is easy to be weighed down by life’s burdens and come up with excuses to neglect others. But always remember that the greatest victim of selfishness is the individual of such a character himself.

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