5 Small Changes You Can Make In Your Home To Attract Positive Energy


Qi, pronounce ‘chee’, is a concept found in Chinese culture which essentially means ‘energy flow’. It promotes harmony and flow of positive energy for better living and the overall wellness of a person or place

Feng Shui (translated: wind water) seeks to bring balance and harmony among elements and is commonly used in interior design to attract positivity, peace, health and wealth, creativity, wisdom, passion, stability and growth to your home or any space.

Both the concepts often go hand in hand in creating the perfect flow of energy through your space. However, they may be a little confusing when applying them to your home. Feng Shui uses a Bagua Map to decipher which areas in your home should use which elements, choosing from: wood, fire, earth, water or metal.

To keep it simple, so you can actually implement the changes in your space, we have put together a list of 5 small changes you can make, easily:

De-clutter your area

Clearing the clutter is perhaps the first step to inviting qi to flow through your house. If there are too many items, or your home looks to be disorderly or untidy, there won’t be enough room for the energy to move freely.

De-cluttering does not simply refer to cleaning up, it includes removing unnecessary items from your home and freeing up spaces.

One tip is to ensure that the space under your bed is empty so there is no negativity harboring in your resting space. Another thing you can look out for is removing broken or cracked items from your space.

Add natural elements to your space

It is the most obvious change to make- not only for energy purposes but also for purifying the air in your home. Adding plants to your living room, rooms and even bathrooms will increase the wood element in your interior design which represents growth and vitality.

Air and light are important

Invite air and light to flow through your home, especially the areas you spend most of your time in, such as, the living room or bedroom.

Use sheer curtains and open the windows every now and then so that the wind gets a chance to remove the air that builds up in closed spaces over-time. Place plants near your windows.

Resting areas should have support

Resting areas like your bed or the large sofa in the living room should be placed against a wall and be placed facing the door but not in direct view of it. The wall represents support, as do any side tables placed next to the sofa/bed.

Make sure your entrances make an impression

Your front door, bedroom door, drawing room door- any door, should be kept in good condition and look inviting. The front door represents wealth, and is a literal doorway to inviting positive energy in.

Keep the front door as welcoming as you can and remove any broken pots or dead plants close by. The entrance should not be hindered by clutter. The condition of your front door is directly correlated to the quality of energy that you invite.

These are small changes in your interior that you can easily manage and can create better feng shui.

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