7 Things That Sum Up Winters In Karachi

The so called chilly Siberian winds often leave us confused!


If you’ve lived in Karachi all your life then chances are you’ve been played by the weather on more than one occasion. This is especially during winters. Of course, the whole “to rain or not to rain” is a whole different story which we will save for another time. Karachi’s winters can exist and non-exist from time to time, depending on the mood. And this whole dilemma pretty much sums up this whole season. Can you relate? No? Wait till I start listing down specific moments.

1. The one leg out of the blanket situation

Don’t you just hate it when this happens? If you’re under the blanket, it gets too warm. If you’re not taking the blanket, it gets too cold. So what do you do? You put one leg out and get on with your night.

2. The struggle of picking between a sweater or a shawl

Again. Wearing a sweater means you’ll feel hot once the sun is out. Also all the “oye hoye, snowfall horahi hai” jokes will come your way. So you decide to go with a shawl. But bam! Now it’s cold and you’re freezing.

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3. The whining over it not being cold enough and then complaining over it being too cold

This is something all Karachiites are guilty of. We keep whining that it hardly ever gets cold here and make memes on the weather but the minute the temperature goes slightly lower than normal, we lose our minds. What follows is a bunch of complaints about how cold it is. Yep, that’s right.

4. The fan on or off situation

To turn the fan on or off? That is the question.

5. Soup followed by a soft drink…WHAT?!

Having soup? Damn. Throat feels too warm. Follow it up with a cold drink and you’re set to cope with Karachi’s winters.

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6. The whole not wanting to do anything at all situation, of course

Winters or no winters, cold breeze or no cold breeze, November/December should be declared #NoWorkNovember and #DelayWorkDecember respectively. All in favour, say aye!

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