6 Bad Habits that You Should Stop Doing ASAP


Every day we do several things that have become a habit of ours. We don’t see it, but we unconsciously do these things and fail to understand the side effects of each of these habits. According to several doctors, these habits can cause our bodies to have internal damage, our bodies can become infected and it can lead to several trips to the hospital. So, here is a list of some bad habits which you need to stop doing as soon as possible.

1. Holding Your Pee

Holding Your Pee Bad Habits that You Should Stop Doing ASAP

If you are one of those people who try and hold their pee in and wait until you reach home to let it loose, then we have news for you. If you have to go then you should go. If you stop your pee it becomes a pool of bacteria that can start to grow in your stomach. When you hold your pee in it starts to travel back to the kidneys, this can cause infections and even prostate infections. If you don’t have the need to go to the bathroom, then maybe you are not drinking enough water this can have an issue. As not drinking enough water can cause kidney stones and dehydration.

2. Constantly Chewing Gum

Constantly Chewing Gum Bad Habits that You Should Stop Doing ASAP

Some people have this habit of chewing gum, and they make a habit of carrying a gum with them if not a packet at all times and just keep chewing it. Chewing gum might be able to help you keep the bad breath out. But excess chewing can cause your jaw to be in stress. If you use any of the joints in your mouth to much with excessive force it can cause clicking and pain, and in some cases can develop arthritis.

3. Biting Your Nails

Bad Habits that You Should Stop Doing ASAP

Hello to all the people who constantly have their hand in their mouth and can be seen biting the nail, either in stress or out of habit. If you do in fact bite your nails, you can damage your nails, and infection can occur in the skin surrounding the nail. Your fingers touch every little part of this world and all the bacteria in this world and when you take that nail in your mouth, all that bacteria can easily enter your body and can cause damage.

4. Skipping Brushing or Flossing

Skipping Brushing or Flossing Bad Habits that You Should Stop Doing ASAP

Brushing twice a day was taught to all of us when growing up, however, along the way we forgot that now it seems as an excess job and we often either forget or don’t want to do it in the first place. If we skip brushing teeth it can cause tooth decay and germs to remain in your mouth. Things you eat can get stuck in your teeth and can cause your teeth to get infected and that can be very painful. Taking care of your teeth can help you save a lot of dental bills that can occur if you do not take care of your pearly whites.

5. Staring at Computer Screen All Day

Staring at Computer Screen All Day Bad Habits that You Should Stop Doing ASAP

We all, mostly, have jobs that want us to look at our computer screens all day. The fact of the matter is we don’t want to remove our eyes from the various, memes, news updates and posts that our friends keep on tagging us into. But there are side effects from all of these activities if done for a longer time; it can have serious health problems. It can result in various visual issues and can put excess strain on your eyes. Research states that every 20 minutes you look at the screen; you should take a 20 second break to stare at something that is 20 feet away.

6. Sitting for Too Long

Sitting for Too Long Bad Habits that You Should Stop Doing ASAP

Let us all face the fact that sitting for longer periods of time is very comfortable, just sitting and doing something. Playing games, working, and reading can be some of the activities you do while sitting. But this sort of lifestyle can often cause problems. Sitting for longer periods of time can cause fat to accumulate in your body and settle there. Also in some cases prolonged sitting can cause the person to have diabetes or even high blood pressure.

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