10 Things We’re Totes Looking Forward To In 2019!

Exciting times ahead!


For all the naysayers who said it would be hard to survive 2018, well, guess what? We made it! We’re just a few days away from 2019 and while it’s the best time to reflect on things that changed the course of history, it’s equally important to gear up for things to come. Here are things that can definitely give us reasons to look forward to 2019:

1. Cricket World cup 2019

things 2019Cricket fanatics, 2019 will be a grand year for obvious reasons! ICC World Cup 2019 will be taking place in England. While the whole tournament will be worth watching, for us Pakistanis the real showdown will be between India and Pakistan.

2. British Airways resumes flights in Pakistan after a decade

things 20192019 will hopefully be about new and progressive beginnings for Pakistan. One of world’s most renowned airlines, British Airways will be resuming their flights in Pakistan after almost a decade. Bon Voyage travellers!

3. Karachi Eat

We know you’ve already marked your calendars, especially all the foodies out there. The yearly food festival ‘Karachi Eat’ will be back again next year sometime in January. And what’s more exciting is the fact that there will be newer food ventures to try and awesome weather to enjoy.

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4. Another Royal Baby

things 2019All eyes on the Duchess of Sussex who kept her pregnancy a rather secretive affair. The newest royal baby is due sometime early next year. Who else will have their eyes glued to the screens!

5. Game of Thrones Final Season

things 20192019 will be a big year for many reasons but Game of Thrones’ fans know exactly how big it will be! The new teaser has us making all sorts of theories about who will take the throne!!! We just can’t wait for the action.

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6. Spice Girls Reunion

If you’re a 90s kid, we’re sure pop bands had a big place in your life. The most popular girl band in the 90s, Spice Girls is having a reunion next year sans Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham). The band will be touring England early next year. They have also dropped chic merchandise for the concert tour to support a charity that works for women rights.

7. Fashion Weeks

The new year promises many exciting events and the next year will also bring a couple of entertaining events. As expected, two major fashion weeks, Fashion Pakistan Week and PFDC will have their first spell of events early next year. Be prepared for new trends and fashion updates.

8. Two Solar Eclipses

Remember the super cool solar eclipse in North America in 2017? Now South Asia and South America will have their days in the no-sun also. A total solar eclipse is expected to pass over Chile and southern parts of Argentina, and parts of the South Pacific. Then another eclipse is expected to pass over the Arabian Peninsula and certain areas of South Asia. It’s probably okay now to stock on eclipse glasses with such natural occurrences taking place every year.

9. Possible tour of Australian cricket team to Pakistan

Lo and behold cricket fans, there might be something in the pipe line! According to reports, the Australian team might play two opening matches of their Pakistan tour in one of the cities of Pakistan while the rest of the matches will be played in UAE. Fingers crossed for this one.

10. The Oscars 2019

lKeep those pop corns and early morning snacks ready for The Oscars 2019! We cannot wait to see our fave stars unveil their style choices on the red carpet and then later their speeches. The upcoming Hollywood event will be the 91st award function and it will be hosted by comedian Kevin Hart.

Is there something you’re looking forward to in 2019? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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