Today’s Horoscope 5th Feb 2018

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Aries (21 March to 21 April)

You will get a weird suggestion. There is no option other than saying no. You’ll have to manage some social responsibilities.

Taurus (22 April to 20 May)

You will have to work really hard to get the fruit of your labor. Change in profession will make you achieve some personal goal.

Gemini (21 May to 21 June)

You will fall in love. Travelling is what will make you happy. A close relative will return from abroad and you’ll be so happy.

Cancer (22 June to 23 July)

You are delaying some of your plans because of the unavailability of time. It seems now you should start implementing them in your life.

Leo (24 July to 23 August)

Focus on your domestic responsibilities. You are sad because of your failure in love and professional life. Soon something would happen that will make you happy.

Virgo (24 Aug to 23 Sep)

Take good care of your health otherwise you’ll face the consequences. Give special care to your diet.

Libra (24 Sep to 23 Oct)

You’ll get the outcome of your hard work in terms of success and happiness but do not ignore the other perks of life.

Scorpio (24 Oct to 22 Nov)

You’ll get some new experiences. Good news will be received from old friends and they’ll invite you to take part in the celebration.

Sagittarius (23 Nov to 22 Dec)

Your business will flourish and your efforts will be paid off. New faces will enter in your life.

Capricorn (23 Dec to 20 Jan)

You’ll feel relieved after facing a series of problems and obstacles. You should travel to some interesting place to feel better.

Aquarius (21 Jan to 19 Feb)

Your social circle will expand. Do not worry because of the inconsistent attitude of others as this can affect your health.

Pisces (20 Feb to 20 March)

You can face some problems however most of them would be temporary. Financially you will be more stable. Your business will start making money.


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