Versatile Medicinal Uses of Parsley

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We often confuse parsley with coriander and cilantro. While they all belong to the same family and have the same use, parsley, in particular, has curly, ruffled leaves, and a milder aroma and flavor. It is typically used as a garnish in our regular cuisines and salads.

But what makes this a stand-out herb is its versatile medicinal uses. A common ingredient we usually have in our pantry, parsley has some great health benefits that we aren’t aware of.

Versatile Medicinal Uses of Parsley1
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Here are the top medicinal uses of this herb:

1.      Helps Control Diabetes

Traditionally, parsley was commonly used as a natural treatment for diabetes. Research[1] held at Marmara University Istanbul is also available to validate the claim for its health benefits in controlling diabetes.

Versatile Medicinal Uses of Parsley2

The study was performed on diabetic rats, and it showed a significant decrease in their blood sugar levels after consuming parsley for a month. Research further concluded that if humans use parsley, they might experience the same results.

2.      Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The herb is naturally rich in anti-inflammatory properties and thus, has been commonly used in Mediterranean regions to treat insect bites, bruises, toothaches, and skin problems.

Versatile Medicinal Uses of Parsley 2In fact, a study shows how parsley also contains anti-hepatotoxicity properties, which further helps cleanse the liver along with healing internal inflammation in the body.

3.      Diuretic Effects

Parsley also has diuretic properties and helps treat fluid retention (both dropsy and edema), and helps cleanse our digestive system from harmful toxins.

Versatile Medicinal Uses of Parsley 4Since diuretics is an effective treatment for high blood pressure patients, most German doctors, who are quite aware of the benefits of medicinal herbs, recommend consuming parsley tea for treating the condition. However, since high blood pressure corresponds to great health risks and other serious problems, it is imperative to always consult a doctor before using this herb as a medicine.

4.      Maintain Fresh Breath and Good Oral Health

Not only chewing on the herb helps get rid of bad breath, but parsley is also rich in anti-bacterial properties. It helps maintain mouth hygiene and keeps up with oral health.

Versatile Medicinal Uses of Parsley3The herb has high chlorophyll elements, which ensures the removal of hidden bacteria within the mouth and gives you fresh breath almost instantly.

5.      Controls Rheumatoid Arthritis

Parsley, unlike others of its kind, also contains essential compounds, such as beta-carotene and vitamin C. These anti-inflammatory properties also help an individual fight off the risk of arthritis.

Versatile Medicinal Uses of Parsley 5Using this herb in your daily diet is a great way to remove uric acid from the body, which is also a major factor that leads to arthritis.

6.      Treats Osteoporosis

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that parsley has medicinal properties that help with bone health maintenance too. When calcium levels deplete in our body, it leads to osteoporosis.

Versatile Medicinal Uses of Parsley 6This herb doesn’t only help improve your calcium intake but also contains natural folic acid. This helps break down the amino acid known as homocysteine and consequently helps prevent osteoporosis and maintain bone health.

The Final Word

You don’t have to wait for parsley season to stock up on it. This wonderful herb with amazing medicinal properties is available throughout the year. In fact, you can grow this highly nutritious plant at home, and access ample of antioxidants and vitamins to improve health whenever you want.


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