5 Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds

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Have you ever heard the buzz about hemp seeds? Are you afraid of its psychotropic side effects? If so, then you need to put your suspicion at rest. Considering it may seem like marijuana, many individuals are prematurely alarmed by the idea of hemp seeds, since they originate from hemp plants, ‘Cannabis sativa’, which are from the same species as cannabis.

However, hemp seeds do not contain enough amount of THC to produce the drug-like effects associated with marijuana. In fact, hemp seeds have several health and anti-cancer benefits. They can help slow down the encroaching cervical and lung cancer.

Moreover, hemp seeds contain many significant nutrients, minerals, and healthy fats that have abundant benefits for the human body & can make a healthful addition to your diet. Scroll down to flip through 5 health benefits of hemp seeds.

1.     A Healthy Heart

Do you know cardiovascular disease is one of the most prominent death-causing elements? But do you know hemp seeds may tone down the risk factor of heart disease due to its arginine component? Arginine forms nitric oxide, and therefore dilates blood vessels and decreases hypertension. Reduced blood pressure helps alleviate the risks of a heart stroke.

2.     Magnificent Protein Power

Hemp seeds are composed of all the essential amino acids, which makes them a complete package of protein just like chicken, fish or beef. You can get 10 grams of high-quality protein if you add 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds to your smoothies or salads. Consider them as a non-meat source of protein, so hemp seeds make a healthy choice.

3.     Better Bowels

Fiber is a basic nutrient, which we unknowingly do not get enough of in our diet. According to the dietary guidelines, a healthy person requires 25-38 grams of fiber per day. And fortunately, hemp seeds on whole are comprised of 10% to 15% or about 1 gram fiber per 3 tablespoons. The fiber in hemp seeds potentially improves bowel function by averting constipation and making you feel full so you won’t eat too much.

4.     Treats Skin Disorders

If you are experiencing any skin disorder like eczema or itchiness of dry skin, you need to try hemp seeds. The oil present in hemp seeds, composed of  omega-3 & 6 followed by polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) is capable of seeping through the innermost layers of the epidermis and stimulate the growth of more skin cells, reducing dryness and leading to a smoother, healthier skin.

5.     A Great Mineral Source

Hemp seeds are a highly rich source of a variety of essential minerals, along with magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc. Adding a balance of phosphorus & magnesium into your daily routine is important, because these two elements are essential for bone health. Plus, zinc supports our immune health and iron works as an oxygen-delivering unit throughout our body.

The Final Word

Hemp seeds and their significant health benefits may have been ignored in the past but now they are brought into light after significant research. As mentioned, hemp seeds are extremely beneficial to our health due to the abundance of minerals, amino acids, fiber, fatty acid & vitamins.

The best health benefit of hemp seeds is THC presence. When taken in appropriate doses, THC’s anti-proliferative properties are beneficial for cancerous cells. Furthermore, hemp seeds have also been compared to some superfoods like quinoa.

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