Why you Must Stop Drinking Coffee on an Empty Stomach


Who else cannot wake up in the morning without getting their caffeine fix? Because we can’t! It is absolutely necessary for most of us to drink coffee to wake up our minds and bodies.

Drinking coffee has tons of health benefits then why it is told by health specialists to avoid it on an empty stomach? Look at some reasons why you must stop drinking coffee on an empty stomach

Increases Anxiety

Have you ever wondered that why drinking coffee wakes you up instantly? A high quantity of caffeine is the major reason our body wakes up instantly but it can also induce a fight or flight mood in an individual. This means coffee on an empty stomach can make you anxious and can even trigger an anxiety attack.

Drains Out Minerals

Daily intake of coffee can cancel out important minerals inside the body. You can lose important minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium from the body through urinary excretion.

Cause Indigestion

Drinking caffeine on an empty can easily activate acid production that can damage your stomach system causing indigestion and its lining. Not eating food before your morning coffee may also result in heartburn.

Low on Nutrition

If you were asked to imagine a cup of coffee, things that will enter your mind will be the refreshing smell of coffee, lots of froth, cream, and sugar. Right? But this also means that the cup is low on healthy nutrition and packed with loads of calories.

Alternates to Morning Coffee

Try and substitute your morning coffee with a healthier substitute

  1. Herbal teas are rich in antioxidants and nutrients
  2. Green tea and extremely rejuvenating
  3. Matcha tea is good for cognition and mood


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