What Winter Means For Our Taste-buds

'tis the season to eat lots and lots of food. Hello Winter!


December is here and that can only mean that Pakistan is about to enter sweater weather. Finally.

But we at HTV Taste don’t care for the sweaters as much as we care about all the food that we are obligated to consume in the winter time. Here are a few winter essentials

Garam moong-phalli (roasted peanuts)
photo: Jaipur Beats

These are an absolute staple in the winter months. Just the aroma reminds one of cool nights and cozy conversations.

Chilgozay (pine nuts)
photo: Pakistan Pine Nuts

Yes, it’s a lot of work for a not-so-satisfying bite but put in 10 minutes of work and enjoy the best type of nut. ever.

Gurr (jaggery)
photo: Natural foods hub

It’s literally the color of warmth.


Even chai lovers turn to the occasional coffee once the air becomes a little nippy. Especially the kind that takes 30 minutes to beat the crap out of.

Dry Fruit Laddoo
photo: archana’s kitchen

Every bite is over-indulgent, filled with nuts and seeds- basically an energy bite.

Chikki (peanut brittle)
photo: Ruchi’s kitchen

Ooey gooey chikki that gets stuck in your teeth but you can’t resist taking another bite of.

Gajar ka halwa (carrot halwa)
photo: The magic saucepan

Cue carrot season! Pakistan gets some of the most beautiful, red carrots in the winter months, therefore every home-cook prepares their own version of gajar ka halwa.

Hot Chocolate
photo: Bon Appetit

The quintessential angrez winter drink.

Garam Gulab Jamun
photo: Alica’s peppercot

This is quite literally the reason we go to weddings in the winter. Actually all food is the reason we attend shaadis. Sorry not sorry.

Masala Fish
photo: kurry leaves

Yes, fish in all its forms is consumed more so in the winter months but masala fried fish holds a special place in our hearts.

Singharay- water chestnuts
photo: bbox

We may not hold these in the same esteem as roasted peanuts, but they signal winter all the same- and are SO good for those random trips to kitchen.

Meethi Tikkiyan
photo: flour and spice

These. Are. AWESOME.

Makkai Ki Roti with Saag
photo: tanu’s recipes

Is there anything more glorious than the marriage of makkai ki roti and saag? Except maybe daal chawal

photo: Alka Keswani

If you haven’t tried this, you have not lived. These gurr stuffed parathas are divineTop off with a chunk of desi butter to get the maximum amount of heaven in your mouth.

Maal Pura
photo: Shireen Anwar

Serve these memoni pancakes with some cream and honey.

Kashmiri chai
photo: my tamarind kitchen

This tea-pink tea is a hot winter favorite.

Chicken Corn Soup
photo: Reader’s Digest

The best kinds are the ones that are topped off with lots of shredded chicken and a generous sprinkle of freshly ground black pepper. I won’t lie, I’ve had that at 8 a.m. courtesy of my school’s canteen chef.

Shakarkandi (sweet potato/ yams)
photo: eat and dust

Bhai, masala zyada rakhna (heavy on the masala please!). You can find shakarkandi stalls on every street corner as soon as you smell the winter in the air.

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We take winter pretty seriously around these parts, especially because we know that the harsh summer months are waiting for us eagerly. So let’s get started on this list!


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