Free cancer treatment with latest technology in Karachi


For treating a deadly disease like cancer at Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical Center (JPMC), Karachi, the Patient Aid Foundation is operating a state-of-the-art facility with the world’s most expensive medical technology – the cyber-knife.

This cutting edge machine is providing free-of-cost treatment to numerous poor cancer patients every day. This initiative is the first of its kind. Even some of the world’s most developed countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and France are not providing such facilities for free, to the general masses. This innovative machine is based on the latest technology for providing complete cure for a fatal disease like cancer.

Giving details about this humanitarian initiative, Dr Tariq Mahmood stated that the cyber-knife is a robot which treats cancerous tumors. There are two main types of cancers; one is the type which remains within one part or organ of the body, causing damage and disability in that organ. The other type of cancer begins in one organ but spreads out to other parts of the body soon.

Cyber-knife has the ability to treat both types of cancers; however it is much more effective for the kind of tumors which remain within one organ or part of the body. Dr Tariq Mahmood further stated that this technology can treat any kind of solid tumor in the brain, spine, prostate, lungs, head or neck. It simply takes two hours of cyber-knife radiation therapy to completely cure any such tumor.

The effectiveness and advantage of cyber-knife over the other traditional radiotherapy machines is that a patient cured by it faces absolutely no side-effects or reactions after treatment. Cyber-knife uses special radiotherapy technique, which is operated by a robot with unmatched precision and sub-millimeter accuracy in targeting the cancerous tumor, without affecting the surrounding health issues.

Thus, most patients are completely cured after a simple two-hour procedure. Elaborating on this revolutionary, free-of-cost treatment model, Dr Kamran Saeed said that cyber-knife has been installed within the Jinnah Hospital premises, but it is being funded and operated independently by the Patients Aid Foundation, without any monetary support from the government. The cyber-knife has been installed and operated with a purely non-profit and humanitarian objective.

The poorest of cancer patients in Pakistan, who have no treatment options and are unable to surgically remove their tumors, can now get free treatment at this ultra modern facility in Karachi. They can easily get their malignant tumors removed from any part of their body, in a few hours. Dr Kamran further said that poor patients whose tumors are not surgically removable, are usually declared incurable and they are sent back home without treatment.

In many such cases, the patients have no option but to get a mutilating surgery that disables them for the rest of their life. The cyber-knife can offer a truly delightful solution to these deprived and destitute patients. While the cyber-knife is providing free-of-cost cancer treatment to the poorest of patients, the numerous qualified doctors and selfless medical experts operating this facility are not charging any fees from the cancer patients coming to the facility either.

News source: Medical News Pakistan


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