Watch Out For These Warning Signs of Brain Tumor


A brain tumor is basically a mass or growth of abnormal cells in the brain or close to it. Since every cell in your brain can develop into a tumor, the size, location, and type of a brain tumor can vary greatly.

The same goes for the symptoms of a brain tumor. Most of the symptoms depend upon where the tumor is located. If the tumor is located in the brain’s part that controls eyesight, then one of the possible symptoms could be blurry vision. But since a tumor can form in almost any part of the brain, it is impossible to tell exactly how many symptoms may point out to brain tumors

However, there are a few signs that you should watch out for:

1.      Seizures

Watch Out For These Warning Signs of Brain Tumor2

Seizures are probably one of the first symptoms to show up. They occur irrespective of the brain tumor type. Tumors cause irritation, prompting the brain to fire neurons uncontrollably. This in turn causes abnormal movements, resulting in a seizure.

Seizures may also be of different types. They could either affect the whole body or remain restricted to flexing or jerking of a certain body part.

2.      Persistent Headaches

Headaches are not one of the first signs that may point towards a brain tumor. However, when you develop a new habitual headache that won’t seem to go away, take caution. Headaches caused by brain tumors often vary in terms of pain though they tend to get worse overtime. Remember that no specific type of headache points out towards tumor but what you need to be on the look-out for is a persistent headache that won’t go away despite any treatment.

3.      Loss of Vision and Hearing

Watch Out For These Warning Signs of Brain Tumor4

A brain tumor may also cause blurry vision or weaken your vision. It is better to have eye tests every so often in order to make sure that this symptom isn’t developing. Similarly if you feel like your ears are constantly ringing or that your hearing has gotten worse, it could be another possible sign of brain tumor.

4.      Change in Behavior or Memory

Watch Out For These Warning Signs of Brain Tumor4

Irritation or compression caused by a tumor in the frontal lobe (responsible for many personality traits) can cause a change in behavior. It may also cause severe depression, anger or even anxiety. It is also more likely to make you feel confused and cause trouble remembering things at times.

5.      Weakness and Lethargy

Watch Out For These Warning Signs of Brain Tumor5

Tumors located in the motor cortex can cause muscle weakness or lethargy. The left side of the motor cortex controls the right body and vice versa. If a tumor develops, it interrupts the signals sent by the brain and could cause your limbs to not work the way they used to.

6.      Loss of Balance

Watch Out For These Warning Signs of Brain Tumor6

Tumors in the cerebellum can cause a decline in motor skills. Favoring or leaning on one side while waking is a perfect example of this. The cerebellum is responsible for balance and coordination, and the formation of a brain tumor can hinder that function.

So, you should be on the lookout for certain body changes. If either of the symptoms occur repeatedly, visit your physician as soon as possible!

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