6 Foods to Eat for Good Sperm Health


As our age increases our body goes through several changes, for males their body becomes frail and a lot of the body functions slow down.  So, for all those men out there who prefer to make a career or just get married later on in their lives the main thing you need to look after is your sperm count. Everyone wants children and the higher sperm count you have the better your chances are to welcome a new family member. There are a lot of food options that can help you raise your sperm count here are a few that are for certain going to help

1. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate to Eat for Good Sperm Health

An aphrodisiac, dark chocolate contains many minerals and nutrients the most important one is L-Arginine. This mineral is actually an amino acid, it is known to help men get better sperm health and increase the volume of the semen. Consumed in regulated amounts will help you get better sperm health however, consumption in large doses can result in weight gain and a dramatic reduction in the testosterone levels in your body. Consume small amounts and you will get good results.

2. Eggs

Eggs to Eat for Good Sperm Health

Eggs are something that we consume almost every day in breakfast and who knew they contain specific vitamins that help sperm health. Eggs are naturally high in proteins and they also contain high levels of vitamin E which helps in production of sperm and improves overall count and health of the sperm. Eggs also fight off bacteria that can hurt or harm sperms, so basically eggs are multi-talented, helping to improve health and protection against bacteria.

3. Bananas

Bananas to Eat for Good Sperm Health

Well, bananas are available in every season in our country and are cheap. It contains high levels of bromelain. It is an enzyme which shows signs of improving sperm health. Bananas also help improve stamina and give extra energy, however, consuming this fruit will make sure that you have really good sperm count and health. Also it will make sure you are satisfied and so is your significant other.

4. Spinach

Spinach to Eat for Good Sperm Health

Spinach, the leafy green vegetable, that Popeye used to eat from a can in one go, is a very good source for folic acid. When there is reductions of folic acid in our body then our sperms do not have the shape they must have to survive, they are deformed. Usually when people have low levels of folate this can be a factor in deformities in children or not having any children at all as the sperms are not strong enough to fertilize an egg. Eating spinach on the other hand will resolve all these problems, the sperm will be in their usual shape and sizes and they will have proper chromosomes and will easily fertilize the egg.

5. Garlic

Garlic to Eat for Good Sperm Health

Garlic has a lot of properties that are beneficial for our health; it is also a very good food source for treating various bodily issues and resolving its functions. Aside from helping the body’s heart functions and protection against respiratory bacteria that can cause infections, garlic is really effective in boosting sperm count and improving overall sperm health. The nutrient that helps in this process is allicin, it improves the amount of blood that flows to the sexual organs, increasing the health of the sperm and the volume of it.

6. Carrots

Carrots to Eat for Good Sperm Health

We all have heard that carrots improve our eyesight, what we do not know is that the vitamins found in carrots can also help with other bodily issues. Vitamin A is a very important nutrient that is present in abundance in carrots. The main focus of this vitamin is that it increases the production and health of the sperms in our body. This can help the sperms swim better and with a larger quantity fertilizing an egg is very possible.

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