5 things you never thought are causing you pimples


Acne is one of the many reasons why you lower your self-confidence. One big zit on your face can completely change how you feel about yourself. People, especially teenagers facing the issue of zits, can even become depressed. That’s how great the magnitude of this problem is.

While genetic makeup, the type of your skin (dry, oily, combination), exposure to environment and stress definitely have a lot to do with your zits, there are several other factors one must take into consideration when it comes to acne. Read below to find out what these are – some of them might actually be a shocker.


When was the last time you cleaned your smartphone? Experts have repeatedly emphasized on the hazards of dirty and unclean phone screens on your skin. This is particularly important if you are habitual of having long phone conversations with anyone – a long lost friend, a client or your significant other. Our cellphones are exposed to variety of dirt particles, from our hands to our bags, maybe even the kitchen counter. These can easily be transferred to your hands which you ultimately also use on your face.

What you should do is, wipe your phone with an anti-bacterial wipe once every day, or at least every two days. Another alternative is also using headphones while speaking on the phone to avoid direct contact.


Many women forget to clean their makeup brushes, mostly because they do not tend to look ugly or dirty. Have you cleaned yours lately? If yes, then good on you. Otherwise, know that makeup brushes tend to harbor tons of bacteria every time you use them to apply a color on your face. If you share them with your sister or roommate, it may very well be a cause of you new-found acne or hers.

An easy tip is to use warm water and shampoo to clean the brush, slowly and gently rubbing them against the palm of your hand in circular motion until clean. If they do not look any good, it is best to just toss them in the trash. Better safe than sorry!


It doesn’t matter how well and how many times you wash your face before hitting the bed; if your pillowcase is dirty, it will cause pimples on your beautiful face. Dirt can pile up from your hands, face and any other thing exposed to your pillowcase, ultimately transferring the bacteria to your face and may also cause you to break out. Therefore, it is necessary to change your pillowcase every few days. Also, wash them properly and thoroughly to get rid of dirt particles.


Hair styling products may definitely make your hair look dazzling, like never before, but they may very well be the reason for acne – especially on your forehead and your hairline. It is therefore advisable to take extra precaution and keep these styling products away from your hairline while using them. They tend to clog your pores on the forehead, building them up with oil and trapping acne-causing bacteria.

Fond of bangs? That will just make your acne problem worse if you use products on them. What you can do to counter this problem is use a clean wipe on your forehead and close to your hairline after using these products. Even shampoo sometimes can be the reason for back acne. To get rid of bacne, wash your back with a mild soap or cleanser.


Sometimes toothpaste can cause you to break out on your chin and around your mouth area. A smart way to deal with this is to brush your teeth before washing your face.

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