Practical Acne Tips 101


Embarrassing acne can hit everyone, it doesn’t matter what is your gender and what age you are. While acne is not a serious health threat, it can affect our self-confidence and self-image which eventually affect our productivity and even our social life.

There are some practical ways through which you can keep acne under control, and it doesn’t involve any expensive treatments or thousands of trips to dermatologists.

Practical Acne Tips 101

  1. Change your pillowcases every week and wash your pillow every so often with non-toxic laundry liquid.
  2. Use separate washcloths or towels for the face and body.
  3. Wash your makeup brushes every day if you have active acne. Wash them with a cleanser or a non-irritation soap.
  4. Use water-based and oil-free makeup
  5. Don’t touch your face with unclean hands and apply makeup with clean or sanitized hands.
  6. Be aware that shampoo or other hair products that contain oil can contribute to acne.
  7. Try not to pick your skin. Use a pimple pad, acne treatment creams, or even distract your hands.
  8. Maintain a food diary to determine if a specific food triggers your breakouts.

Apart from these practical tips, the most essential part is to maintain a healthy diet. Consume less greasy and sugary foods and also stay clear from foods that contain carbohydrates. This will result in decreased breakout and clearer skin.

Always remember to be patients as improvements take time. You might notice results in few weeks or even a month. If these practical acne tips don’t give you desired results then you can always consult a dermatologist.

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