Massage Therapy for Weight Loss – Can this Work?

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You may have a tough time coping with bulges dangling around your waist. Despite having out-of-shape body, instead of running for weight loss pills or a low-carb diet, seek aid from massage therapy for weight loss.

Massage therapy is more than just a soothing and relaxing experience. In addition to promoting relaxation, relieving stress and healing headaches, improving blood circulation, enhancing flexibility and lowering blood pressure, massage therapy can also be an effective therapy to help you lose weight.

“Does getting a massage burn calories?” is the question of many people out there. Well, it’s true that massage therapy is a weight loss program, but to make it effective you still need to workout daily and maintain a balanced and a healthy diet instead of totally relying on it. It also helps reduce cellulite and makes skin soft and supple.

Weight loss massage not only helps you get rid of toxins, but it also improves various body functions. Check out some of the benefits of weight loss massage therapy that may have direct and indirect effects on your body.

Eliminates Excess Water

If you are over-weight, it might be due to the excess water that retains in your body since more than 50 percent of your body is composed of water. Massage therapy for weight loss is one of the curative ways to help residents in 건마 shed excess water weight and achieve their ideal weight. But massage therapy alone wouldn’t do the trick. Weight loss massage will be much more effective along with your daily workout session.

Increases Your Metabolic Rate

Body massage helps improve your blood circulation throughout the body thus increasing the blood flow to all the organs for their optimum function. With an increase in blood flow your metabolic rate also increases and increased metabolism means faster calorie burning.


Helps Tone Your Muscles

Regular massage therapy helps alleviate the stress and induces a greater sense of relaxation. It seeps into your muscles thus making them less lethargic while improving the muscle tone. When you exercise, you use muscle. This helps build muscle mass, and muscle tissue burns more calories – even when you’re at rest – than body fat.

Weight Loss Massage Wards off Toxins

Massage therapy does not only help metabolize essential nutrients from the food that you consume but it also helps eliminate toxins. Unhealthy food leads to the formation of toxins in your body. This toxin buildup can also cause obesity.

Massage therapy is a great way to deal with stress. It helps alleviate stress off your body and enables you to relax. It also helps you get rid of the toxins thus improves various body functions that help both directly and indirectly to your weight loss efforts.

Even if you are not able to carry out your regular workout session due to muscle pain or other injuries, a soothing and relaxing body massage can help relieve the pain so that you can get back to your exercise regimen and burn more calories.

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