Burn Calories the Easy Way!

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Looking for easy ways to get in shape? From rolling out of your bed to getting into the house hold chores, you’ll always find yourself in some sort of physical activity that will somehow help you torch some calories. Why not try something easier and funnier this year to burn those excess calories. Check out these sneaky yet simpler ways to burn calories. And you’ll keep burning calories throughout the day!

Go Alfresco

If not up for running, walk around the block. Another place you can head to for outdoors is to hit the supermarket for grocery. Shop till you drop. Buy groceries and burn calories by pushing the cart, carry the stuff to the car and climb up the stairs to burn the extra calories.

Dance Around

Dancing is one of the easy ways to burn calories. Get into the groove by dancing for few minutes. Turn up your iPod while you do the household chores. Make chores fun and for an added kick, choose hip hop or some rocking music that’ll get your heart racing. Show off your moves, burn calories on each step and stay in shape.

Laugh Whole Heartedly

Laugh, and laugh like crazy. A fifteen minute laughter session can zap 20-40 calories per day. Watch something funny or go out with friends and have fun. Staying lively, energetic and laughing will torch some calories the fun way.

Spice Up Your Food

Eat foods that burn calories. Chili peppers do wonders to your body. They boost your metabolic rate that causes your body to burn calories. Spicy foods also help your body to produce heat, eventually helping it to burn more calories in a day. Try some jalapenos and cayenne pepper in your food and speed up calorie burning.

Don’t Sit Your Butt

Don’t be a couch potato, stand up and do something. Try to be the sports person in the playground instead of being an audience. Are you going out to a party tonight? Don’t stick your hip to the chair, but move around and make small conversations in the party.

Drink It Up

You must have heard it millions of times to drink water. Yes, whatever your concerns are, water always helps. Drink at least eight glasses of water in a day and flush out toxic waste off your body. But when it comes to burning calories, the colder is better.

Burn your post-dinner desserts with green tea- another drink that can effectively help you burn calories. Sip up green tea after meals and increase your metabolism and burn fats.

Pop Some Gum

Chewing gum burns around ten calories per hour. Pop gum and chomp away few calories in an hour. Go for sugarless chewing gums to avoid extra calories to accumulate. Keep chewing the gum and get fresh breath along with sending signals to your mind of feeling full.

Turn Chores Fun

Get into home improvement activities. Do some cleaning and vacuuming and do your body good. With vacuuming you’ll not only have a clean house, but you’ll also burn calories. Work your upper body, arms and shoulders with the push and pull of the machine and get fit.

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