9 Most Annoying People at the Gym


We see many different types of people at the gym, everyone having their own way of dressing and working out, but, there are a few people who stand out. If you are a regular gym-goer, you must have seen those truly unique characters that seem annoying to you. Well, they are annoying for a certain reason. Do you see the guy who wears jeans on the treadmill? Or the one wandering in a towel? True story, ain’t it? Read about those annoying people that you see at the gym so that you don’t become one of them.

1. The smart phone lifters

These are the people who always keep their cell phone along with them. The problem starts when they use their cell phone using a machine or a bench that you want to use. When asked if you could use the machine, they remember finishing their set. This not only renders their workout ineffective, but also delays your workout too.

2. The grunters

Although justified, but these are the most hated people at the gym. I know, the sounds coming out are mostly involuntary and somewhat necessary to lift those heavy weights, but it is a huge distraction for other trainees. You don’t necessarily have to sound like you are undergoing labor. You can however use the trick that I do, exhale while going against the gravity, that is, during the concentric movement, and inhale while doing the eccentric movement. This will stop those annoying sounds from escaping your mouth as well as keep your breathing under control.

3. The “sweat a lot”

Okay! I know it’s not their fault, but these people have over-active sweat glands and pretty fast metabolism, I guess. They roam around in drenched cloths. But the problem is, when they don’t clean up after them. They should carry around a towel to wipe off the sweat instead of letting it drop on the mat and wipe off any sweat they left behind on the machine or bench that they use. It is only ethical and a lot less disgusting.

4. The singers

What is worse than a bathroom singer? A gym singer. Fine! You want to listen to your songs. I understand that you like to sing along to those songs. But come on! No one wants to listen to your songs let alone your voice. So please, next time make sure your songs aren’t loud enough for the next person to hear and please try not to sing along with it. Keep your voice and song choice to yourself, only!

5. The free adviser

I admit, I fall in this category, but now I refrain from giving out advices. You might be doing someone a favor, but the thing is, everyone has their own way of doing an exercise and there is a high chance that the person is doing a variant exercise of one which you do. It is okay to give advice only if the way a person is doing an exercise is harmful to you or anyone around. In short, do not go around giving advices, unless of course, asked for it.

6. The socializer

These are the people who walk around the gym chatting with anyone they can get a slightest response from. Sure a little chat in between sets is good for a break, but chatting is not fun when you are trying to bench press 60kg on your chest. A long chat can extend the rest period, which cools your body down as well as prolongs the training period. These people may not lift seriously themselves, but they also hinder our workout.

7. The “All natural” bodybuilder

They fall under two categories. The ones that mock people who use supplements, such as, whey protein, and the ones who clearly use steroids and say they are all natural. Both of you are annoying! Please stop being you.

8. The super models

I don’t know, it’s just annoying to me. The super models are the ones always taking selfies and using the mirror to flex and check out their body. We try to ignore them, but it’s just difficult. They are a distraction, especially when they use the mirror for posing when you are trying to use it to check your form while working out.

9. The pack-rat

These are the people who want everything for them. They collect barbell, dumbbells, and everything else that you want to use and keep it in close proximity. When asked to borrow one of these, they always seem to be using it right after the current set. These people have to learn that, it’s a gym, we have to share equipment. And you will get it when you need it. Unless you are doing a superset or drop set, do not be like a pack rat.

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