5 Low Impact Exercise Equipment Machines for Cardio


Not all people get enough cardio when they exercise. More people seem to have the thought process that by merely lifting weights they will achieve their fitness goals. Any expert will tell you that both are essential for proper fitness and therefore more of an emphasis should be placed on cardio. Here are 5 machines that will ensure that you get your recommended dose of cardio every day for a total fitness routine.

  1. Treadmill

    One of the oldest and most trusted forms of cardio is the simple, yet effective treadmill. There are many different forms of this piece of workout equipment. It is important that you test out multiple styles to ensure that you get the right one for the way you want to work out. Whether you are looking for a curved walking path, straight, or uphill you can find it in modern treadmills.

  2. Stair Climber

    A treadmill is a great workout for someone looking to run long distances, but that does not have the ability to run in their own neighborhood. However, a stair climber gives the person a better quality workout with more resistance.

  3. Elliptical Machine

    Many people have a desire to work out, but standard treadmills and stair climbers can be hard on the joints. An elliptical machine is a bit different as it allows for you to get a quality workout without stressing the joints. If joint health is top priority, yet you want to remain fit, an elliptical machine is the way to go.

  4. Stationary Bike

    Biking is a great way to stay in shape. It works a variety of muscle groups and keeps you moving the entire time. Unfortunately, the weather can be a factor, but a stationary bike gives you the ability to maintain your fitness regimen without the weather being a factor at all.

  5. Rowing Machine

    Cardio works best when all muscle groups work together, but finding a machine that does this can be difficult. Rowing machines have proven to be quite effective at working both upper and lower body muscles in tandem for a quality workout of a different sort. This is perfect for those that cannot stand up for long periods of time.

These machines are great for all types of exercise and those that require a low impact workout can benefit as these machines are able to be adjusted to fit your individual needs in regard to speed and angle of the machine. Fitness is important for all and whether you are looking to have a high or low impact workout, these machines can be purchased for home use.  Diet is also important to be fit, you can eat vegetables, dry-fruits, red caviar, seafoods and many more.

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