12 Household Items to Build a Home Gym


The widespread impact of the COVID-19 has caused many physical training facilities to shut down worldwide, and some have fully closed their business venture. While this was in the public’s best interest to prevent the spread of the virus, some people still don’t have any access to the machines, weights, etc.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to compromise your fitness anymore. Here are a few everyday household items you can use to make your gym at home!

  • Use chair/table/sofa bed for Dips, Incline-Pushups, Inverted rows, Pike-Pushups, Split Squats, etc.

  • Use hand towels/ paper plates as sliders to increase the challenge in traditional abs exercises like Mountain climbers, knee tucks, etc.

  • Use more oversized towels and use them for movements like superman rows to target back muscles.

  • Take water bottles, fill them up with water/sand/ stones and use them as a replacement for traditional Dumbbells/Kettlebells.

  • Take a backpack, fill it up with books/heavy stuff and use it as a weighted vest to perform compound movements like Squats.

  • Use a bike pump for triceps strength

  • Use a basketball/football to make pushups harder

  • Use mop/wiper stick for shoulder mobility drills

Use stairs as a cardio machine

  • Fill a laundry basket with heavy stuff and use it for movements like deadlifts.

  • Use suitcases/ duffle bags to perform single-arm rows.

  • Use a door frame while doing burpees to add the challenge of touching the top of your door every time you jump.


Use the good old cylinder (but be careful) and use it in movements like shoulder press, bench press, back squats, rows, hammer curls, etc.



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