7 Easy Steps to Cut Down On Your Fat


An effortless solution to anyone’s weight loss query is to eat less and exercise more. But then again, it is not that easy otherwise more people would be in perfect shape. Fat loss is only achieved through a combination of different things that result in your body losing its fat content. Such factors are integral and help burn off fat. Here are some tricks that help losing those extra pounds.

1. Make a Routine Plan

First, you need to make a proper plan and then stick to it. As there is a saying: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Make sure that it is not a dramatically strict plan and is something that is easy to follow; the ideal way is to find a balance between reaching your goals comfortably while enjoying yourself.

Set a time of the day for exercise. This should preferably be in the morning but if you find it difficult to take out time then, you can always exercise in the evening. The point is that you set a time for it and follow the routine.

2. Eat Breakfast Daily

Studies have shown that having breakfast within an hour of waking up keeps insulin levels at balance and even lowers your LDL (bad Cholesterol). Having a healthy breakfast also ensure that you kick start your metabolism early in the day, making sure your digestion is working at its best.

3. Keep a Food Log

You should know how much you are eating as the most important part of your diet regiment is to restrict your food intake that provides energy. Unfortunately most people tend to do a bad job at this so whatever system you use keep a track of your eating choice.

Good practice would be to keep a notebook or download an app that allows you to remember all the foods that you eat along the day and also give you a break down in terms of nutritional value and the calories you have consumed.

4. Drink a Lot of Water

Studies have actually proved that consistently drink water throughout the day activates metabolism, and helps in flushing out wastes and toxins hence improving overall health. The body excretes many wastes through urination and sweating.

A high intake of water will ensure that all wastes are removed from your body with your sweat or urine, making sure that no harmful substances accumulate in the body.

5. Move a Lot

Our daily routines are largely sedentary – inactive, sitting and deskbound. There are cars, laptops, televisions to make us more inactive. Sign up to a formal activity such as playing sports, lifting weights, running to boost up your calorie burn.

An easier way to make sure that you get enough activity throughout your day is that you do certain things like taking the stairs when you can take the elevator or walking to a colleague instead of emailing him for correspondence.

6. Lift Heavy Weights

This is one of the fastest ways out there as it not only they increase resting metabolism but additionally they activate more muscle fibres as well. So in other words they burn calories at a much higher rate even when you are doing nothing.

7. Swap Carbs

Carbohydrate swapping is one of the easiest approaches to boost up weight loss. Replace food items like rice, bread and pasta with vegetables and fruits. As vegetables and fruits have fewer calories and more oxidants than the processed counterparts.

Another important food component to add up in your diet is to increase protein intake as they not only increase metabolism but also maintains body muscle mass. Studies have indicated that body burns more calories with more protein intake.

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