5 Reasons Everyone Should Workout


We all know exercise and physical activity is good for us, but do we know exactly in what way and to what extent it benefits us? From boosting our mood to fighting depression and even cardiovascular disease, the benefits of exercise are numerous.

Do you want to feel better and energetic? Do you want to live healthy and increase your life expectancy? Look no further than exercise! The benefits of exercise on mind and body are hard to ignore. If you need to ore convincing, read on ahead.

Exercise Helps Control Weight

Exercising does a great deal to help maintain weight loss, especially with prevention of excessive weight gain. It’s not asking for much to take out an hour max every day for your own body. Even if that’s not manageable, small steps like taking the elevator instead of the stairs, reviving up your house chores count for being physically active.

Weekends are free for the most of us, giving us more time to rejuvenate our mind and body. What better way than some power yoga and high intensity workout (think of cardio and aerobics).

Remember: the greater the intensity, the greater the weight loss.

Exercise Fights Off Disease

Why is our lifestyle so closely related to our health? It’s because what we eat and how we consume has a direct impact on our health. Let’s take cardiovascular disease as an example. People die of strokes, heart attacks etc. every day in Pakistan. Why are the numbers so high? The answer is simple: sedentary lifestyle.

Exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by maintaining healthy, unhindered blood flow through our blood vessels. When the diet is crammed with unhealthy fats, it promotes cholesterol deposition and formation of a thrombus or plaque inside the blood vessels of the heart. This blocks or hinders blood supply to the heart, causing it to pump harder and faster to keep up with the body’s needs.

Exercise promotes the formation of good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers levels of the bad one (LDL). Moreover, it helps fight depression. Regular exercise promotes the release of serotonin (commonly referred to as the happy hormones) in the body- physiologically making a person feel happier.

Exercise To Boost Your Mood

Are you feeling down lately? Is work and/or studies getting to you? Easy solution right here: go to the gym for a good 30 minute workout. Don’t have access to the gym? Open up YouTube and look for a suitable cardio or aerobic workout and follow it now!

How does this work? exercise promotes the formation and release of chemicals in the brain that ultimately alleviate your mood. This also shows in your appearance, and at the end of the day leaves you feeling more confident and raises your self-esteem.

Exercise For A Regular Sleep Cycle

Have you had trouble sleeping lately? Did you know an easy solution to that was exercise? Yes, it’s true. Exercise helps with straightening out sleep cycles, and also help you sleep deep. Just make sure you don’t exercise too close to bedtime.

Exercise Is Fun

Don’t you get tired of the same old routine? One way to make your day fun, unwind, have time to yourself, interact and do stuff with your friends and family is through an exercise routine. Join a dance class, go for a jog every day morning, hit the gym with your health freak friend and enjoy it!

It’s simple: find a physical activity you really enjoy and just do it! Do it for a better you, both inside and out. If you get tired of it, try something new!

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