10 Motivational Quotes To Make Gym Time Worth Your While




Energy slump is real and if you’re a gym bunny we’re sure you’ve been there far too many times. While you gather the courage and motivation to sweat it out in the gym today, we provide you with much-needed words of inspiration to fuel up your fitness game!

1. “The only BS I need in my life is Breakfast and Squats.”

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When in doubt, squat and you’re good!

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2. “Sometimes I feel like giving up but then I remember I have a lot of haters to prove wrong.”

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Haters will always find a way to hate but you do you and see the magic happen!

3. “Muscles are built with continuous effort not by wishful thinking.”

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You heard that right, wake up and smash those fitness goals!

4. “Know your limitations and then defy them.”


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Limits are only excuses keeping you from reaching your true potential!

5. “If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.”

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Repeat that after us!!

6. “You make my knees feel weak. Just kidding. Yesterday was leg day!”


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Yikes!! All the more reason to nail that leg day.

7. “Ain’t nobody got time for FAT”

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Amen to that!

8. “Note to self: Don’t measure your progress: using someone else’s ruler.”

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Yes, we believe in you!

9. “You are your only limit”

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In case you didn’t know, we’re here to remind you.

10. “Today I will love myself enough to exercise.”

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Because you ought to love yourself before anyone else.

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