7 Tips on Picking the Right Handbag


Ok girls, we all know one of the most important accessories a woman can carry is a handbag. Office going ladies especially need a bag that adds that extra touch to their look. Plus, it should be totally convenient for carrying all the essentials as well.

So, here HTV brings you 7 great tips to choose a handbag.

1. Always Go For Quality over Quantity

When investing in a bag, you should always plan for the long-term. Office going women pretty much have to carry a bag wherever they go. So, look for one that won’t wear out easily. Good quality bags may seem expensive at the time but they are totally worth the cost.  You will not only look nice, but always be in style!

Always Go For Quality over Quantity

2. Choose the Material Wisely

Cloth bags might be easy to clean, but they don’t look classy. In this department, leather is probably your best option. Not only does it last longer, it also starts to look better with constant use. You can always pair a leather bag with jeans or some semi-formal wear, and it will never look out of place.

3. Go for A Neutral Color

Even though bags that make a statement might be eye catching, but after a while you might get bored. Black usually goes with everything or you can also opt for a softer color. Either way, go for a handbag that you are confident you can carry.

Go for A Neutral Color

4. Nothing Too Flashy

Bags with large logos not only look unattractive, but they also steal the limelight from your personality. Logos may also give a vibe that you are showing off by being brand-conscious.  The simpler the bag, the more decent it looks! And it always looks like you’re trying too hard when you carry a bag with a fake logo.

5. Keep It Simple

You will find a lot of bags with patterns and velvet patches. These bags might look very trendy, but they prove to be impractical in the long run. They are very high-maintenance and require a lot of care. Purchase a bag that has more life in it so it can last longer.

Convenience Is Key

6. Convenience Is Key

We’re not saying you should have a bag with zips everywhere, but make sure there is enough room to carry all your stuff (we all know how women want to carry their entire makeup collection in their bags). Its kindof embarrassing when you still have to hold stuff while carrying a bag.

7. Get A Bag That Holds Its Shape

If you’re sharply dressed with a professional look, you will want to carry a bag that looks sharp too. A saggy bag might give the impression that it is old or has been in use for a long time.

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