6 Ways to Rock Denim This Summer


Denim is, without a doubt, a style staple for men of substance. Despite having a somewhat industrial legacy – it was favored by workers due to its durability and warmth. It’s durability has allowed it to withstand the test of time, and it is now donned by princes and paupers alike. Having said that, not all denim was created equal – and here’s to wear it like a prince.

  1. The key to denim is the fit. It’s always about the fit. Baggy, ill-fitting denim that balloons around your knees knocks your style points down by 500. And don’t try to feed us the excuse that you’re “too skinny or too fat” to look good in jeans. In today’s day and age, top notch denim manufacturers like Levi Strauss accommodate different body types. It’s possible to find a tapered fit in waist size 40, for instance. Going ‘skinny’ is controversial, it suits some, but not others. It’s worth keeping in mind that skinny jeans may not be appropriate for certain settings, and the tightness around your crotch region is doing no wonders for your circulation. The look you should be going for is taut, not tight.
  2. When we talk about denim, we don’t want to limit ourselves to just jeans. Denim jackets and shirts are a great style statement. A faded, distressed denim jacket screams ‘devil-may-care’ and may be just what you need for that bad-boy look.
  3. Stylists across the world are on the edge about cuffing jeans. If you do, it should look deliberate, not as if you accidently bought a pair four sizes too big, and were forced to fold it up. Two to three rolls is good enough, and the cuff shouldn’t be bigger than an inch.
  4. Always remember, the color needs to fit the look. As a general rule, dark, non-distressed denim is considered more formal, whereas, light-blue or pale-indigo is decidedly more casual. With this in mind, we’ll talk about two looks you can rock this summer, with your denim jeans as the centerpiece.
  5. Let’s kick it off with the formal ‘preppy’ look. This is the look you’re going for when you’re trying to ‘dress to impress’. You’re going to require dark jeans for this. They have to fit well, but not too well (refer to point #1). Next up, you’re going to need a well-fitting dress shirt, tucked in. You can’t go wrong with plain white. Make sure you nail the fit. Remember the old adage, ‘taut, not tight’. You’ll need to wrap this up with some nice leather shoes and a matching leather belt. To throw on some extra class, try adding a dark jacket to the look, and you’re good to go.
  6. You’ve nailed the dark denim formal look. Well done. Let’s move on to something more casual. This is what you wear when you’re going out with you friends and you just want to relax and have a good time. You want to look good without trying too hard. Remember, though, relaxed doesn’t mean relaxed fit jeans. Make sure you nail the fit, whatever the occasion. Toss a nice T-shirt over the jeans. Black V-necks should be a staple in your wardrobe. You’re probably tired of hearing this, but we cannot stress this enough. The T-shirt needs to fit well. Recall what we said about casual jeans, if it’s a casual occasion, you can go for lighter shades.

And that’s your denim 101!

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