Top Men’s Fashion Faux Pas


By and large, we know you’re doing well. Your style game is strong. You’ve picked up a lot, and you’re making a lot of progress. But there’s always room for improvement. Here are a few common men’s fashion blunders that many of us still consciously make that are sabotaging our style and image

Men’s Fashion Blunder 1: Wearing Clothes that are Too Baggy

Men's Fashion Mistake 1: Wearing Clothes that are Too Baggy

Billowy cargo pants and shapeless t-shirts went out of style two millennia ago. Scratch that, they were NEVER in style. Ill-fitting clothes do not look good. Period. How do you know, if the sleeves billow around your arms, or if the pants pool around your shoes, then know you it’s either time to meet your tailor for adjustments, or get a new wardrobe. There’s a style pro-tip back there for those reading carefully. Getting your clothes altered (i.e., getting your pants tapered or darts in your dress shirt) is a cost effective way of making your current wardrobe super snazzy without busting the bank on all the brand new well-fitting clothes you want.

Men’s Fashion Blunder 2: Wearing Clothes that are Too Tight

Men's Fashion Mistake 2: Wearing-Clothes-that-are-Too-Tight

This is simply just gross. It’s not appealing, unless you have the physique of a Greek god. Well-crafted T-shirts are snug around the shoulders and chest, but have a nice fall over your midriff. They don’t stick skin-tight to your belly. Nailing the fit with pants is important. If it’s too tight around your privates, you run the risk of cutting off circulation in that region which can have negative ramifications.

Men’s Fashion Blunder 3: Overdoing It

Men's Fashion Mistake 3: Overdoing It

Too many guys think they’re being daring by wearing loud shoes, loud pants AND a loud shirt. We say there’s nothing wrong with being daring, just do it intelligently. If your shirt is an In-Your-Face color, like neon, orange or hot pink, make sure you balance it out with pants that are more stable, more classic hues.

Men’s Fashion Blunder 4:Failing to Match Your Leather

Men's Fashion Mistake 4: Failing to Match Your Leather

One of the first rules of fashion is that you need to match your leathers. Shoe color needs to match belt color needs to match watch-strap color provided all of the above are leather. Too many guys out there think they look good if they have a fantastic pair of tan loafers with a fantastic black belt. WRONG. Coordination is key; it adds sophistication and dimensionality to your outfit.

Popping up the collar of your polo shirt does not look good. Seriously. You look like either a douche or a sixth-grader.

Men’s Fashion Blunder 5: Wearing Sunglasses Indoor

Men's Fashion Mistake 5: Wearing Sunglasses Indoor

Every guy needs a pair of dashing shades, but knowing how and when to wear them is even more important. Wearing sunglasses inside does not make you look stylish, it makes you look like you’re trying too hard.

Men’s Fashion Blunder 6: Wearing Bathroom Slippers with an Otherwise Well Put-Together Outfit

Men's Fashion Mistake 6: Wearing Bathroom Slippers with an Otherwise Well Put-Together Outfit

We’ve all seen that guy who looks like a boss from head to t—ohh wait! You just noticed his disheveled slippers. This is the equivalent of the guy who is about to win the 5K race but stops 10m short and gives up. Don’t be that guy.

Men’s Fashion Blunder 7: Wearing Ratty T-Shirts

Men's Fashion Mistake 8: Wearing Ratty T-Shirts

Not all T-shirts were created equal. You’ll never see David Beckham in a baggy T that says, “I’m with stupid à”. Nope. It’s always a well-crafted shirt in a solid, classy color like black, white, navy blue or grey.

‘A faux pas’ literally means an embarrassing mistake. So our final point for you is to not be ashamed of dressing well. Dress for the occasion, but don’t feel ashamed if you’re the best dressed guy in the room. Nothing ruins a great outfit like a lack of confidence in that outfit.

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