Top 7 Men’s Style Essentials


Men’s Style Tip 1

We’ll start this review from the bottom up. Every guy needs a great pair of formal shoes. Sleek, elegant and sturdy. This is essential to dress up any look. Wear them with jeans or chinos for a snazzy business casual look. Or with a suit for the full-blown Harvey Spectre/James Bond effect. If you’re gunning for just one pair, we would recommend black leather, but deep chestnut brown leather works too, if you feel it complements more clothes in your wardrobe. A word of advice, leather mandate a matching leather belt. No two ways about it.

Men’s Style Tip 2

If we’re taking this bottom up, we’d be remiss without acknowledging a pair of well-fitting dark denim jeans as a style staple. The fit is crucial. Look for something well-structured and not saggy. Preferable tapered. Remember the adage, taut, not tight. Well-fitting doesn’t mean fitted. Dark denim is formal classy, and works with almost everything, especially the next item on our list.

Men’s Style Tip 3

A well-structured, crisp white dress shirt is an absolute must. Ideally, get it tailored to fit you perfectly, but you could always take it to your local tailor to get adjusted. This could quite likely be the most versatile item of clothing in your arsenal. Combine it with a that dynamite pair of dark leather jeans and those snazzy dress shoes for a timeless, classy look. We call it a staple because it works with everything, jeans, chinos, or even formal pants.

Men’s Style Tip 4

We would be remiss without talking about the suit as a style essential. Harry Hart, from the movie ‘Kingsman’, said it best when he called the suit “the modern knight’s armor”. A suit is a mark of sophistication and elegance: truly, the uniform of the twenty-first century renaissance man. A well-tailored suit makes any man look like a Lord. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand the times, but. The. Fit. Is. Everything. Period. The shoulders should fall perfectly on your own. The sleeves should be fitted to perfection. Aim for a V-taper in the fall of the jacket, it gives you the most masculine silhouette possible. The pants should be tapered and cuffed appropriately, so they don’t pool around your ankles. Start with the classic, fail-proof colors – black, charcoal grey and navy blue, before experimenting.

Men’s Style Tip 5

We’ve talked formal, but what about your every-day wear? This is where V-neck T-shirts come in. You can opt for crew, but Vs have historically accentuated the ideal male physique. Ever guy looks good in a simple, well-fitting (again, not skintight) black V neck. Once you have a black V — in fact, get two — go for the same, in white, grey, navy blue, and then branch off into more ‘fun’ colors.

Men’s Style Tip 6

There’s something about a leather jacket that just screams ‘masculine’. Seeing as these are generally more expensive, make sure you’re the best you can. Aim for genuine leather. If you’re making the investment, it may as well be worth it. The sleeves and shoulders shouldn’t be too bulky. And half the trick is knowing how to wear it. Go all black with black jeans, your black V neck and black leather if you’re feeling edgy. Dark brown, or even tan brown, if you can pull it off, lends a warmer, more cultured look.

Men’s Style Tip 7

We’ll wrap up this review with an accessory. Every classy guy needs a classy timepiece. Leather-strap chronographs are great, but it comes with a caveat – if you want to be a real style tycoon, you need to match the leather of your watch strap to your belt and shoes. Stainless steel straps are timeless, and don’t need to be matched.

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