Workout for a Toned Butt

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Thinking of getting that firmed up, toned look for your behind? Hate the jiggly look when you walk fast or horror of horrors, decide to run a little? We have just the workout that will give you a sculpted butt within a shirt pan of time. Keep in mind though; you will have to work diligently to get those bums in shape. What’s more, you will also have to eat healthy, make sure you continue to workout each and every day of your life in order to avoid any kind of fat accumulation in your butt region.

Read on to find out what exercises work best for butt firmness.


There is simply nothing that works better for those lose butts than lunges. They aim to help the loose skin and flab to firm up, as well as bring them back in shape. You will notice that the flab around thigh region also diminishes as you continue to work your legs and butts.

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All you have to do is stand upright, put one leg forward and bend. This way, one knee will almost touch the floor while other will be in a chair like position. Keep your hands under the raised thigh. Squat for 5 seconds, get up and repeat on the other leg. Continue for 6 reps. Do as many times as it takes to tire you out.


Another great exercise to tone the butts is to practice squats. They help in making your back strong, your posture straight, and your lower body firm. It is simple to do, but it will tire you out very quickly at first. Make sure you only do 6-10 times at first and continue to increase the number as you gain strength and stamina.

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In order to do squats, you need to stand with your legs apart. Bend down on your knees so that your hips are directly on the same level as the knees. Your hands should be straight at the front. Continue to do this exercise for as long as you can.

Crunch and Lift

This is another workout that is going to do wonders for your loose and out of shape butts.

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Lie down on the ground with face up and legs together. Your elbows need to be bent, and hands should touch ears. Lift your head and upper torso, while lifting your straight legs up. While keeping your head and shoulders up, lower your legs, and touch the feet to the ground. Raise them again and lower them again. Continue for 10-12 reps.

Practice all the exercises mentioned above to see a visible difference in at least a month. You will need to work out for some time in order for your butts to get in shape, so don’t give up after just a week or so.

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