Exercise To Fix Knock Knees


Activities or exercises the involve knees often make them shift inward. You may have what is called knock knees aka genu valgum. This is generally caused by imbalances, lack of coordination, and general weakness in the muscles that are responsible for proper knee alignment and leg movement.

Not taking care of these problems can lead to improper patella tracking, poor exercise mechanics, and knee pain. But not to worry, we have got you covered. Add these 5 corrective exercises for better knee health and alignment!

Banded Squats

  • Grab some exercise bands
  • Place a band above your knees and a band around your feet
  • Rotate your knees out and rotate your feet out
  • Keep tension on the bands as you step aside
  • Repeat this exercise 15 times for 4 sets

Single leg Banded Step Backs

  • Place the band around the knees & rotate the knees out
  • Balance on a single foot
  • Reach the foot forward, side, back, and at a diagonal
  • As you move keep your knees bent and your hips back

Single-Leg Balance Taps

  • Find stability on a single leg first
  • Then rotate! Explore rotating in & out
  • Keep the knee slightly bent throughout the entire movement.

Load the Body

  • Use the band around the knees to remind the body to place pressure out as you squat, lunge, and deadlift!

Before starting these knee workouts, always make sure to stretch. This will warm your body and strengthen your muscles and help retrain them before your actual workout.




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