The Shape of Your Face can Speak Volume About Your Personality


You can learn a lot about your personality with your face shape. If you look in the mirror and trace the outline of your face’s reflection with some old lipstick or lip liner you might find that your face may resemble s square, circle, triangle, or heart shape. These unique shapes could unveil many things about you. Read more to find out your personality according to your face shape.


Triangle-shaped faces generally have wide foreheads, sharp cheekbones, and a pointed chin. They tend to be creative, determined, artistic, and sensitive which means they are driven by emotions. Active but may have less stamina. They are intellectual, can be fiery sometimes, and always like to be in charge.


Oval-shaped faces have a narrow face at the jawline but round cheekbones and a pointed chin. People with this face shape are practical, dedicated, ambitious, and know exactly what to say to people to make them comfortable. They are extremely social which highlights that they have good interpersonal skills.


Round-shaped faces generally have flat cheekbones, a round chin, and a wide nose. They have no sharp and angled features on their face. They are sensitive, caring, sincere, reliable, and loves nature. They love wholeheartedly and prefer long-term, stable relationships. They have intellectual and hardworking personalities which often influence others. A good family life, comfort, and luxury are important to them.


Diamond-shaped faces have prominent cheekbones, a regular nose, and a pointed chin and forehead. They are perfectionists, confident and strong-willed people. They like taking control over things which makes them good leaders. Just like a diamond, they can also be sharp with words and have a quick temper.


Heart-shaped faces have large foreheads but a thin chin which forms an inverted triangle. They are creative, lovable, sincere, committed, and have a very sharp memory. They are ambitious and they love independence. They don’t possess easy-going nature which means they sometimes can be pushy.


Square-shaped faces have a wide forehead and chin which means they have strong angular bone structures. They are competitive, practical, and have great stamina which means they are full of energy. They can be aggressive and rebellious when challenged. They have analytical minds and make good decisions which makes them leaders by choice.


Rectangular-shaped faces have a strong forehead, a wide jawline, and a broad chin. The dominating and ambitious by nature. They are intelligent, analytical, strategic, deep thinker’s hard workers, and logical. Having these qualities makes them a good leaders. They are strong but are not very expressive and prefer not to talk about their feelings.


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