Your Personality Based on your foot shape


Did you know your foot shape can reveal more than just which types of shoes you’re suited to? 5 types of famous foot shapes can easily tell about your personality just like astrology. See if you think we’ve got your personality down based on your foot shape!

Flame Foot


If the index toe (second toe) is a little longer than the rest of your four toes that means you have the Flame foot. According to this foot shape you have a creative mindset, you are sporty, outgoing, enthusiastic and sometimes you can be really impulsive and reckless.

Stretch Foot

Stretch foot means that the big toe (first toe) is the longest and strays far away from the other four clustered toes. This foot shape indicated that you are independent, you don’t like boundaries either in professional or personal life, you are adventurous and you happiest as an outsider.

Roman Foot

In this foot shape, the first three toes are the largest with the same height followed by the other two in descending order. People with this foot shape have well-balanced and well-proportional life. They are loyal, outgoing, courageous, and charismatic. They love spending time with their loved ones and would do anything for them.

German Foot


This foot shape is considered to be perfect as the alignment of all toes is in descending order. This shape indicated that you are loyal to friends and family. But mysterious and secretive to outsiders, you don’t easily let your guard down.

Square Foot

The Square foot is the rarest. This means all toes are of the same height. This foot shape indicates that you are extremely soft-spoken, practical, calm, and reasonable. You analyze and take time when it comes to making critical decisions, you never make hasty decisions that you might later regret.

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