Taking Care of Your Hands the Right Way!

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Are you preparing your hands for a perfect wedding ring? Have you got dark knuckles, blemished skin and uneven skin tone? Your hands are likely to be at work lately. Your hands may get dry, flaky, and all dirty because most of the strenuous tasks are done by your hands. However, neat and tidy hands are the reflection of your personality and having nice soft hands is quite attractive. Isn’t it? Here are simple beauty tips to groom your hands elegantly.

1. Get Hydrated

get hydrated-beauty tips

Ouch! Did you just break your nail? Are your nails getting brittle day by day, and your hands look all dry and flaky? You must be dehydrated then. Drinking eight glasses of water each day does not only keep you hydrated, but it also affects your body as a whole. This happens to be the foremost step in pampering your hands. Drinking water keeps your skin soft and supple, flushes toxins off, regenerates cells and keeps your nails hydrated while preventing brittleness and breakage.

Drink water and keep yourself and your hands healthy and younger.

2. Exfoliate for Skin Renewal

exfoliate your hands- beauty tips

When it comes to taking care of your hands, the first thing is to keep them clean. Exfoliating twice a week is enough to achieve silky smooth skin. Scrape off the layer of dead cell from your skin and give some space to the new cells to grow. Get a nail brush or a pumice sponge and get them to work. You can also use an exfoliating wash or for your convenience you can also make a natural mixture at home to exfoliate your hands either of honey mixed with sugar crystals or a paste of oats to scrape off the dead skin and get soft skin.

Massage your nail beds to increase blood flow to your nails. It helps stimulate nail growth and keeps them healthy.

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3. Moisturize Your Rough Skin

moisturize your hands- beauty tips

Use moisturizer with SPF. Usually wind and over washing can make your hands dry and strip off all the moisture of your hands leaving them dry and flaky. Sun exposure also contributes to the progression of rough texture of the skin, causing dark spots and wrinkles and often sun tan. Using a moisturizer with aloe extracts or glycerin will work best. Don’t forget to moisturize your hands after washing them and before leaving home.

You can also dab on a moisturizer rich in vitamin A, C and E.

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4. Get Your Hands Manicured

get your hands manicured- Beauty tips

Manicured hands are always attractive and appealing. Cut and trim your nails frequently, and file them in one direction to prevent nail damage and weakness. Moreover, don’t pick or cut your cuticles. Chewed cuticles are the worst sight and doing so will also leave them at risk of bacteria entering the nail bed if the skin is cut.

Push back your cuticles gently if you need.

5. Add a Pop of Color

apply your favorite nail color- beauty tips

Here comes the favorite step. Isn’t it girls? I am sure you wouldn’t want to mess up with your neatly manicured hands. Use the classy hues and trend setting shades and enhance the beauty of your hands.

Avoid using 100% acetone nail paint remover. Your nails might get dehydrated and brittle.

Your hands are a victim of most of the demanding chores. Whether it’s holding a steering, typing or doing dishes, your hands are always at work and most potentially attacked part of your body. There can be several reasons your hands might look ugly if you don’t pamper them. So, take these simple steps and take care of your hands.

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