6 Useful Lipstick Hacks for Beginners!


Sometimes your lipstick does not turn out to be the way you expected it to. You expect the color to look exactly the one in the picture but that doesn’t actually happen. There are a few simple tricks that you need to opt for in order to get you lipstick game on. Following are the six useful lipstick hacks for beginners.


1. Get Your Lips Ready

Getting your lips ready for a lip color is the most important thing ever. Make sure that you moisturize your lips every single day. Put Vaseline on your lips every night before going to bed. Scrub your lips right before applying make-up. Use a clean mascara wand to scrub off the dead skin from your lips. This will minimize the appearance of cracks on your lips when you apply matte lipsticks.

2. Shaping Your Lips

Shaping your lips the right way is a bit tricky. Use a lip brush to apply lipstick. If you are confused about your lip line then apply concealer all over your lips and around them. Draw your own lip line later on. Draw an X on your cupid bow with a lip pencil to make sure that the outline is perfectly done. If you have different red and pink undertones apply concealer all over your lips before applying lipstick. This will give your lips the exact color that you saw on the box before buying the lip color.

3. Know Your Colors

Your skin tone matters when choosing the perfect lip color for yourself. Figure out your right undertones. If you see green veins on your arm then you have warm undertones and if you see blue veins then you have cool undertones. Make sure that you mention this to the girl at the makeup counter. If you have a fair complexion and you have cool undertones then opt for a pinkish nude lipstick in case you are looking for nudes. If you have warm undertones and you are a little on the yellow side then go for an orange-ish nude. Go for brownish nudes if you have warm undertones and you have a dark complexion. You also have to be careful with different shades of red. Buy a lip color with blue red undertones if you have a fair complexion. If you have a medium olive complexion then go for orange-ish red lip color. If you are dark and have warm under tones then go for burgundy red lip colors.

4. Save Your Lipsticks

Don’t get heartbroken just in case you accidentally broke your lipstick. It is common and it happens but it surely is the worst feeling ever. The best way of attaching both the pieces together is by melting both the ends with the help of a lighter and then joining them. On the other hand if you are sick and tired of carrying too many lipsticks everywhere because you are not so sure about which one to ear then store all of them in one box. Find yourself a pill box which has lots of sections and then cut off your lipsticks to store in different sections.

5. Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Blot all the excessive oil after the first application and then apply another layer of your lipstick so that the color stays on for a longer period.

6. Powder

You can make your normal lip color to last longer than usual with the help of a translucent powder. Apply lipstick and then cover your lips with a tissue paper. Put small amount of translucent powder on the lips which will lock in the color and

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