6 Ways to Prevent Butt Acne


Let’s talk about butt acne. We all have known them, we even had them, but we’ve hardly ever explored them. So today let’s dig more into booty pimples.

What is butt acne?

Butt acne is extremely common. Everyone has gotten them once in their life irrespective of their age or gender. It can be a simple form or even just red bumps all over your bottom region, but it can be itchy or even painful. These pimples are a result of blocked pores. Yes, we do have pores on our butt area and often they get clogged like other parts of the body. If you have acne-prone skin, then you can get acne on your butt easily.

But there is nothing to worry about. You can’t completely prevent them as we all tend to sweat more in our butt region, and nothing can stop that to happen. But there are some ways you can do it at home to minimize it.

How to prevent butt pimples?

  1. Shower every day especially during summertime. Sweat is the main reason why our pores get clogged. Taking a shower can open pores and cleanse out all the dirt and sweat which causes a breakout in our butt region.
  2. Like our face, our body also needs extra attention. Did you know that you can cleanse and use toner on your butt to avoid pimples? Shocking right! Well, there are toners and shower gel available in the market that are made just to prevent body pimples.
  3. Rather than using harsh-physical scrubs, use chemical exfoliant which is a great way to prevent breakouts. Always look for exfoliants with glycolic and salicylic acid. These two are really strong chemical exfoliant which can easily remove bacteria trapped in the pores.
  4. Avoid tight clothes. They tend to lock in the moisture and sweat inside the pores, leading to bacteria growth. So, swipe tight clothes for loose and lightweight clothes especially during workout time, when you tend to sweat excessively.
  5. Always wear cotton underwear. Nylon and spandex materials don’t allow any air to pass through which causes more sweating than cotton underwear.
  6. Acne treatment creams used for face pimples can also be used butt pimples. These will not only prevent pimples but also reduce the scars left behind.
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