20 Amazing Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Skin


People have used Tea tree oil as a home remedy for many skin problems for years. Many cosmetics and skin care products have tea tree oil in them for better results. Following are twenty amazing benefits of tea tree oil for skin that you need to know

1. For Flawless Skin – Tea Tree Oil

Our environment is full of pollutants and it is difficult to take care of your skin, especially if you stay out all day long. These pollutants cause breakouts, hyper pigmentation and blemishes. Dab a few drops of tea tree oil on your face or use mild products with tea tree oil to fix all of these problems. Try to avoid using harsh chemical products on your face.

2. Heals Razor Burns

Razor burns and ingrown hair are not a good sight or a good feeling at all. They cause inflammation on the skin and often bleed. Apply a few drops of tea tree oil after shaving on the shaved area. For ingrown hair, mix tea tree oil in water and then apply it.

3. Anti-fungal

Tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties and can cure diseases such as athlete’s foot and nail infections. Apply the oil on the effected area after diluting it in water.

4. Anti-septic

Tea tree oil has anti-septic properties. It can be applied over open wounds, cuts and other skin lesions. Dilute the tea tree oil in water and dab it with cotton over the affected area.

5. Treats Acne

There are a lot of face-washes and creams to treat acne, but most of them ruin your skin, even more than before. Find a face-wash with tea tree oil in it. For better results use tea tree oil. Apply it with cotton all over the infected area.

Tea Tree Oil for Treats Acne

6. Ringworms

Tea tree oil has been proven to be beneficial to cure Corns, Warts and ringworms. Dilute the oil and then apply it over the affected area.

7. For Dry Skin

Some of you have dry skin even during summers. Tea tree oil helps balance out the moisture. Mix 5 spoons tea oil to 1 spoon of almond oil and massage it all over your skin. Take a normal bath after a while.

8. For Insect Bites and Skin Rashes

Tea tree oil is also used for medicinal purpose. It can help soothe down itchiness after insect bites and skin rashes. Add a few drops of tea oil in the water and bathe in it.

9. Fights against Psoriasis

Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties. Soak yourself in water containing around twenty drops of tea oil to cure psoriasis.

10. Relieves Pain in Chicken Pox

Chicken pox causes itching and tempts the affected person to scratch himself. This leads to scars. To avoid getting scars, take bath in a bathtub and add twenty drops of tea tree oil in it.

Tea Tree Oil for Relieves Pain in Chicken Pox

11. Boils

Boils can occur on any part of your body. It affects your hair follicles and it can get really bad. To avoid going to that extreme, dab tea tree oil over the infected area and watch it vanish in no time at all.

12. Body Odor

Bacteria can cause your body to smell really bad. Use tea oil soap in order to kill those excessive bacteria. This can control body odor.

13. After Shave and Lather

Tea tree oil can be used to form lather while shaving and it’s a very good option. It moisturizes your skin kills microbes. To give a soothing effect after shaving use tea oil.

14. Irritated Scalp

Since tea oil fights bacteria and other microbes, massaging tea oil mixed with any other oil such as mustard oil can help you cure irritated scalp.

15. For Bugs and Mosquitoes

Tea tree oil is an insect repellant and keeps mosquitoes away from your skin. Apply tea oil mixed with any other mineral oil and apply it all over your exposed skin.

Tea Tree Oil for Bugs and Mosquitoes

16. To Keep the Diseases Away

Some insects transmit viral infections such as dengue and jaundice. To avoid getting infections of that sort, apply tea oil over your skin. Tea oil soaps and creams can also be used.

17. For Cuticles

Mix 10 drops of tea oil, almond oil and jojoba oil in a dark bottle and store it in a cool place. Apply this mixture daily onto your nails to avoid splitting of cuticles.

18. Foot Odor

While doing your pedicure, go for natural substances. Add 1 tablespoon of dried rosemary, dried sage, ginger, baking powder each in 4 cups of warm water.  Add 10 drops of tea oil to the same water and then soak your feet in it. This helps fight against microbes causing foot odor.

19. Cold Sores

Cold sores are viral and can give a very bad look to your face if they occur on your lips. Apply tea oil directly onto the infected area to cure cold sore.

20. For Yeast Infections

Mix 5 drops of tea oil and lavender oil both in distilled water. Apply this over the infected are to kill infections such as yeast, caused by overgrowth of candida. Find Benefits of Olive Oil.

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