Bin Ilyas – An Emerging Brand In Women’s Fashion


There has been an influx of new brands in our fashion industry setting new trends and giving each other fierce competition. The intervention of social media has given another boost to the industry and fashion has become the talk of the town. Women of Pakistan are now aware of current trends and fashion and they are also aware about new brands entering the market and new product launches.

Nisha by Nishat, Junaid Jamshed or J Dot, Breeze, Firdous, Sana Safinaz, Khaadi, Maria B and many other  new fashion brands have been launched in the last 18 years. Before that we only had brands like Oxford as foreign brands and Bonanza as the only local fashion clothing brand. Things are very different from how they were before. Now there’s tough competition and if you are a brand owner, you can win only by powerful branding, advertising or by the quality product.

The more you have invested in branding the more are the chances that you will enjoy the major chunk in the market. Sana Safinaz, Nisha by Nishat, Khaadi, Satrangi and Rangrasiya has spent some good amounts in their marketing, advertising and branding. And that’s the reason most of women want to buy dresses from these brands and they have the concept of good brands in their mind about these brands.

Apart from the brands winning the game by huge spending on advertising, marketing and branding, there are a few brands who are still in the race just because of their quality products they produce. One of such brands is Bin Ilyas. During the recent years, sales volume of Bin Ilyas has increased by many folds and now it has made its place in the top twenty brands in the fashion industry of Pakistan.

If you have a look at their some of previous lawn collections launched last year, you will get a clear idea why Bin Ilyas is growing. They quality of the fabric is something all the major brands offer but what stands out is their awesome designs and color combinations.

Just have a look at the recent launch of their Viscose Shawl 2018 Winter Collection and Khaddar Winter Collection 2018 features an array of riveting designs and styles. Bin Ilyas has given yet another stylish option to shoppers so that they can take their style from good to fabulous.


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