4 Hygiene Hacks That Will Get You Through the Day

Are you tired of the end-of-the-day body odor?


In this heat, especially for those of us who are full-time students and work part-time, we’re at war with the sun beating down on us. And let’s face it: it wins most of the time. Showering every day is not a solid defense when it comes to countering sweat and hair grease.

But there has to be some way to counter the unpleasant body odor that we have to deal with usually towards the end of the day. I’m on a mission to figure out methods that help me stay presentable throughout my day. Here are four I found that work!

Make some armpit tea

No, I’m not even kidding. So this hack came to me when I realized adding perfume to your clothes at the end of the day to counter body odor just makes the situation worse. We need something with less chemicals and something more absorbent.

This is where tea bags steps in. Get your hands on some flavored green tea bags. In an emergency, stick a couple into your underarms or over the clothes if your shirt needs some fixing too and keep them squished. After 20 minutes you should be smelling fruity and maybe a little like fresh green tea.

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Shoe tea is a thing too

Okay so this one is for when you’ve been wearing shoes all day and need to go somewhere where you might be taking your shoes off. Save your host and yourself embarrassment by putting tea bags in your shoes. For this you can use used (but dry) tea bags and stick them into your shoes a couple of hours before you need to go.

These tea bags will suck up all the smell and leave your shoes smelling sweet instead of gross and sweaty.

Bring extra socks

Another fantastic smelly feet hack is bringing a pair of spare socks. Before you leave for post-work socialization, give your feet a quick wash and change into fresh socks. Put the dirty ones in a plastic bag and seal them away for laundry time.

Fresh socks paired with shoe tea will ensure you never have to deal with smelly feet again!

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Coconut deodorant

I’ve searched far and wide for an antiperspirant that lasts all day but literally every company has been lying to us. Or maybe I just haven’t found the right one yet. But one thing that has massively helped is rubbing a little coconut oil into my underarms before leaving the house.

Not only does it keep your sweating to a minimum, you also stay smelling cute and coconut-ty.

If you have any more hacks like these, we’d love to know them in the comments below and add them to the list!

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