End Period Shaming during Ramadan


Ramadan is the most sacred month of the year. Although fasting is Farz during Ramadan not everyone is required to fast, this includes children, nursing mothers, pregnant women, and women who go through the menstruation cycle every month. However, there are people out who often target women on periods and make them feel ashamed.

Menstruation is a natural process that sneaks up on women every month. It is a sign of a healthy productive lifestyle. But women feel ashamed of getting periods especially in the month of Ramadan. Not being able to pray or fast is one thing but it’s another thing to shame them for eating in public and also excluding them from all the Ramadan tradition for seven days.

Many women and girls came on Twitter to bash out their frustration on this stigma of shaming women during periods in the month of Ramadan.

We must get rid of these mindsets. We should involve men in conversations and make them understand the culture surrounding menstruation. They should understand that rather than shaming women they should be supportive and accept it as a common thing.

Women should be comfortable with their body and its natural process and also, they shouldn’t feel ashamed for going out and buying pads or tampons from stores. We need to be more vocal about these issues and teach young girls and boys how to respect each gender and their body processes.

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