13 Confessions Of A Girl On Her Period

You know it's true!


Days leading to your period can make you go through a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. Sometimes those emotions reflect in your actions while some thoughts just stay in your head and you later realize why you’ve been feeling that way. Here are 9 thoughts every girl has had before and during her period.

1. OH NO! Not today (days when you have something awesome planned) *FAIL*

2. Please God! Let me be a champion today, a stain-free champion!

3. Damn, I really want that cookie! *eyes the cookie jar like a vulture*

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4. Why God? Why me?

5. What’s for food guys? Only after every 5 minutes 

6. Is there something as too much chocolate? Nah, not really!

7. Why is everyone looking at me? Is my pad showing? OMG! Do I have a stain?

8. Not leaving this bed anytime soon!

9. Hey skinny jeans, I don’t have all day!

10. There’s a World War 3 happening down there


12. If it’s any consolation, at least I’m not pregnant!

13. I hate the fact that you exist! Just saying

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