How to Lose Belly Fat? Make These 4 Lifestyle Changes

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Belly fat is undoubtedly one of the worst things to deal with. Not only does it look bad, but it is also believed to be one of the most hazardous kinds of fat accumulation in the body. And sadly, it is most people’s problem area. So, the question that comes to you now is how to lose belly fat? Getting rid of it is not as difficult as you may believe it to be. Nor do you have to give pretty much up everything you love to do like eating carbs and watching TV lying on your bum.

So, how to lose belly fat without exhaustive efforts? Here are simple ways that go a long way in helping you achieve a flatter stomach.

Fiber is Essential

How to Lose Belly Fat? Make These 4 Lifestyle Changes1

You may not think that your daadi was serious when she told you to have fiber-rich breakfast, but studies show that it is not just carbs that are causing problems, but the lack of fiber. You can continue eating your potato chips as long as there is fiber present in the same day’s meal plans. It is fiber that contains good gut bacteria which leads to the healthy abdomen. What’s more, fiber keeps you full for longer so that you don’t crave junk food every 2 hours!


How to Lose Belly Fat? Make These 4 Lifestyle Changes2

Yup, your mom was right when she force fed you those seven almonds on the day of the exam. Research shows that they are not just good for your brain, but also an excellent source of fiber. People who have almonds daily are more likely to lose abdominal fat compared to others.

Resistance Training

How to Lose Belly Fat? Make These 4 Lifestyle Changes3

Exercising every day too difficult for you? Start resistance training three days a week, at least. Lifting weights is better for fat loss, especially for that middle tire. It charges up your metabolic rate and helps in building muscle mass. It can help you get those six packs.

As for those other days, pick an exercise routine you enjoy. This could range from simple walking 30 minutes to using the treadmill or even swimming. All these routines are fun and ensure you don’t gain any extra weight. You can even incorporate some “bhangra” in your life if the above-mentioned exercises are not your thing! Just make sure you do it every day.

Water Up!

How to Lose Belly Fat? Make These 4 Lifestyle Changes4

Yes, this simply cannot be stressed enough, the need to have a good amount of water intake. To lose that fatty deposit in your mid-section have 8-10 glasses of water a day. Water speeds up metabolism and ensures that you eat less. So two glasses of water before breakfast, two before lunch, two before snacks and two before dinner. The last two you can manage during the rest of the day.

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